Monday, October 5, 2009

Adult Only Lake Powell Trip

We were really ready for a vacation and decided that Lake Powell would be much more relaxing without kids and so we decided to leave the kids and make this Lake Powell trip adults only. We were going to go Mon to Sat but I couldn't ask my parents to watch my kids over general conference, that's not fair to them. So Kris and I decided that we would go to church Sunday then drop the kids off at my parents and the head to Lake Powell, then we'll leave Friday and pick up the kids that night and then we can enjoy general conference as a family my parents can enjoy conference without my little girls. Kris and I had a nice drive. It went really fast and we didn't have to really even stop which was nice. We got up this morning (after sleeping all night long:)) then we went to get the boat from the storage and launched the boat. Kris is so patient with me and we worked on backing the boat down the ramp. Kris put it at the top of the ramp and I was like... Don't we go farther down the ramp? He said ya, but there was no one on the ramp and it would be good practice to back it all the way down. Kris is so patient and kept telling me how well I was doing. Yea! it's nice to have nobody on the ramp to practice things like that. Once we got the boat in the water we came back to the house boat to pack our lunch and then we went for a long ride. We got back and did some reading in the sun and then I called my mom to check my kids. My poor mom... Molly had thrown up. Poor both of them. After checking in I started dinner and we watched the cowboys game for a little bit then went for a long walk. At the end of my workout I called my mom again to see how things were going. She said she had given Molly some motrin and she had kind I'd perked up and was eating and getting into bed. When I talked Molly she sounded like she was ok. It's been so nice just to spend some quiet time with Kris. It's been great. I really feel bad that I left sick kids with my mom. I feel bad that I left Molly and she's not feeling well, but this has been great. Huge thanks to my mom and sisters for helping me out and watching and loving my kids while I spend some time with my amazing husband. We look forward to Kris's parents coming down tomorrow and his sisters on Wednesday.
Tues we slept in... Oh so nice. Then got a quick breakfast and went for a boat ride. The weather was so nice and we jumped in the water. It was cold but not too bad. Then we just sat in the sun and dried out. We came back and just read and then decided to go for a walk. We were on our walk and Kris's parents called and said they were not that far away. By the time we got done with our walk we waited for just a few minutes for Kris's parents to get here and then walked down with them. We got things put away and then we went out for a boat ride. The wind started to pick up again by the time we got home. Kris and I showered and then we went out to dinner at The Dam Bar. It was soooo good. I got fries and a cheese Burger (no judging... I'm on vacation) after dinner we stopped by Sonic to get a shake to share and then headed to the store to get food for the rest of the week. Then by the time we get back we were ready for bed. The wind was so bad last night and it was so loud, blowing the chairs making it hard to sleep. Finally at about 5 Kris said he had some extra ear plugs which totally helped.
We got up about 9... Oh to sleep in. The weather is still really windy and kind of cold, so we have just kind of hung out, read and talked and just relaxed. We later went to dinner at Denny's and then came back and ventured out for a late night boat ride. We took sleeping bags and went out on the lake and then just floated there and talked. It was so calm and relaxing and fun to just talk. I learned a lot about my in laws that I hadn't known before. Then we headed back and watched tv and read until Amy got there about 10 and then headed to bed. Jody, Ben and Kerry got there about 1 the next morning.
Thur. We got to sleep in as well. I had used the ear plugs that night as well to get some sleep and I knew that because we had some late comers I might need them. We got up and Pa made us all pancakes again. Soooo yummy. Then we went for a long boat ride up to dangling rope. It was so cold. We were quite the sight, all of us with our blankets and just trying to keep warm. Once at dangling rope we had lunch and then attended a dance concert preformed by Amy, Kerry and Jody... so funny! Then on the way home we had some music pumping and had all kinds of fun songs. We listened to "Bridge over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel. It was quite an emotional song. There were many tears shed this trip. After getting back we just kind of hung out in the sun and enjoyed each others company. We got to do so much more talking and more "deep" conversation with no kids to interrupt us or need something. I am so amazed with Amy and the person that she is. She has been dealing with so much and her attitude is just amazing. I just want to cry every time I think about it or talk to Kris... I just know she is one amazing and special person to have some of the challenges that she does. Dinner was great. Becky had make lasagna and then we went for another late night boat ride. We all took blankets and sleeping bags and went out on the lake just to float and talk again. It was so nice. We got to hear all kinds of stories about trips to Lake Powell.
Fri. I got up early and went to sit on top. It was so cold that I went back to bed and enjoyed the warmth until I could hear people talking in the living room. We had pancakes by pa again and then kind of helped clean up and then Kris and I got our stuff all packed and then we went for a boat ride. It was so hard for me to not show my excitement for going home. I would have left first thing if Kris hadn't really wanted to go for one last boat ride... but I was so anxious to get home to my girls. It was so nice to have some time with just Kris and I and then just the adults, but I was missing them so much and just wanted to hold and kiss them. So the second the boat was touching the house boat I was off and our stuff was in a cart and ready to go. I was sad to say good by to everyone, because it really was so nice to just hang out with just the adults, but I had been away from my kids for 5 days and REALLY wanted to get home. Our Drive was nice and Kris and I got to just talk and listen to a book on cd. We stopped once for lunch and then got to my parents about 7 ish. . Oh what a fun week at Powell. I was glad to have the time to spend there with everyone and then I was ready to get home and spend conference weekend with my family. What a great time.
Thursday Night Boat Ride.
Ben was the only one to ski. Kris and I did get in the water on Mon & Tues but it was so much warmer. It's not even the water that was cold, it was just the air.
Thursdays boat ride home from Dangling Rope.
My handsome husband... the driver.
Pa & Nan
Kris & I
Nan & Pa
Amy & Jody (both came husband less... Both of their husbands had to work. We missed them both and Mark and Chels, but we are hoping to have them all next year!) We were glad that Amy and Jody both came even if it was husband less, we know that was not the ideal, but it was fun to have them both.
Ben & Kerry (our cute newly weds! They were really good sports about being in the front of the boat... It was soooooooo cold up there.

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Ellison Family said...

Wow! Sounds like an action packed, relaxing trip. Isn't it great to have such great parents that you can take off for 5 days and know your kids are in such good hands. Family, I don't know what we would do without them. Glad you had fun!