Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When It Rains... It Pours.

This summer has been one thing after another. It has just never stopped. Some have been great things, some have been serious trials and stresses, but we have found our strength in prayer and fasting and putting one foot in front of the other.
*It started with girls camp the last week of June,
*then on to Molly birthday party, Chelsey's baby shower, and Stella's birthday party all in the same week.
*Kris's little sister is getting married and so we had a Rosander/Fogg get together dinner in between the shower and S. birthday party.
*We were off to Lake Powell the day after that/ It was a really crazy week and Kris REALLY was not feeling well./ My sister got engaged while we were gone.
*We got home and found out that Kris's dad had been diagnosed with cancer.
*We have had many family get togethers and fasting and blessings (I think everyone just really feels a desire to be together right now.
*Kerry has had wedding showers and other wedding planning that has had to be done.
*Pa (Kris's dad) had his kidney removed.
*Mark and Chelsey had their twin boys on Monday.

Life has really thrown us some curve balls lately and it has really taken us for a ride. I have been filled with emotion toward Kris and his family. This has been really hard for Kris. He has had to work out some work stuff and has been really trying to take all of this in.

I have really felt for Amy I know she is far away (K, I just sit here crying just thinking about all of this) but, I know she is far away from family. It's times like these you want to be close to family to be there and see and know what is going on and I have just really thought about her a lot.

I have felt for Mark, who now has two twin boys that are in the NICU (both are doing very well and are strong and healthy, breathing on their own and really are doing well) but knowing that he is worried about his father, his wife and now these two little boys, I know that he has felt stressed. He is so great to always have such a positive attitude. He is so calm and handles it all so well.

I have felt for Jody that has been struggling with sick kids. Has been having to handle all of the questions at work (when we're not supposed to really be talking about it) and I know how she feels about her dad, I know they all feel that bond, but I know that Jody has a special place in her heart for her dad.

And Kerry! WOW! She is one of my heroes! This is a girl that has been planning her wedding and every detail from the time she was little. She owns every bridal magazine that has ever been printed and whether she was dating or not, I don't think that she was even anxious to get married, but just to plan this amazing event, I know this is not what she saw in her vision of her wedding. Pa missed her wedding dinner tonight and will now (due to a last minute emergency surgery) will not be attending her sealing or her reception. Despite how difficult this has been and the many tears that have been shed she has put on such a brave face and has had such a great attitude. I just admire someone that can find a way to do that though what I know must be one of the greatest challenges in her life.

Last but definitely not least is my amazing mother in law Becky. I am truly amazed and in awe of her. A husband that is so sick, a daughter getting marred, twin grandsons that have come and are in the NICU, and having a daughter visiting with her three kids, all in one week! She really deserves a medal.

I just keep thinking of 2 of my favorite quotes.

*In your life there have to be challenges. They will either bring you closer to God and therefore make you stronger, or they destroy you. But you make the decision of which road you take. Elder F. Enzio Busche

*The very act of choosing to be a disciple can bring to us a certain special suffering. This suffering, when it is part of a divine tutorial, can be sanctifying in the sense of developing the very virtues a particular disciple needs to learn." "If we are serious about our discipleship, Jesus will eventually request each of us to do those very things which are most difficult for us to do. sometimes the best people have the worst experiences, because they are the most ready to learn." Elder Maxwell

I have learned a lot during all of this and I think all of us are growing and learning. I'm grateful for the way the Lord knows us and has helped and taught us by example and by those whispering and though trials. He is wise and all knowing and truly knows us well.

This has been a challenge for all of us. In the midst of all of this I have always had a peaceful felling that all will be ok, but watching my husband struggle though this, watching his siblings and his mother, and the pain and worry of his father really is a challenge. I know that each of us in our lives have challenges, some look really big and some look really small, but to each person their challenges and trials are real. The Lord knows us and knows what we need to learn and what will stretch us and make us grow. I have truly been amazed at the out pouring of love we have felt. Kris (pa Kris, Kris's dad) made it clear that he didn't want anyone to know before the wedding as not to distract or take away form the wedding at all and as things have turned out that just hasn't happened that way. But I'm amazed at the love that we have felt from family, friends and those around us, but most of all I know that the Lord is with all of us. It's still a challenge and we are continually thinking of and praying for pa and he is missed and thought of at the wedding events and other family things. We long for the day when he is back on his feet reading Pinkalicious to our little Molly.

To my amazing Husband. Kris, I love you. I am amazed at the strength you have. I love being your wife and I'm sad when your sad. I know that this is not easy and that there have been some really hard days and that there might be some more hard days, but I will be there for you and will stand by your side always. I'm so proud of the man that you are, for the worthy priesthood holder you are and for the testimony and faith that you have. You amaze me. I love you more than anything. We will make it through this and it will be OK. I love you!

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brittani c. said...

Wow, it makes me step back a little and think of those things that are most important in my life right now. Life is sweet and precious and we shouldn't fret about those miniscule things that get us down. I hope your family members get through their challenges with strength. What a true statement: when it rains, it pours. The nice thing about rain is that it eventually stops and the sun shines.