Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July Lake Powell Trip.

This trip to Lake Powell seemed to be a long one. We had a great time, it just seemed to be really hard this time. I don't think that the girls were getting enough sleep which is never a good thing. Kris wasn't feeling well and I wasn't perky myself being as everyone around me was ornery. I had had 3 parties that week before, one Sat, Thurs, and then the next Sat and then we left on Mon. Kris had some things to get done Monday morning before we left, so I was in charge of packing and getting the car packed for all of us. So I think I was just a bit run down and really in need of a vacation and Lake Powell is never really a vacation. You make every meal, clean up every meal, camp; clean the whole time. So now that I have gotten all of the downers out of the way, It was really nice to just be with the family. I love when Kris is not working and gets to spend extra time with us, and the girls like it just as much as I do (total daddy's girls). We just did a lot of Boating, went to the beach, and just spent time together. It was really cute when we were going for a long ride up to Dangling Rope and I was driving Kris was sitting up front with both girls and he looked at me and said, "Did you just hear what Molly said?" then he went on to say "We're almost at the Marina." We were both amazed that she would know that we were close when this is a marina that you really can't even see and is tucked up in a little cove. She is one smart little girl. It was really fun to be with the family. I do think that Kris and I will try to make it down one more time by ourselves. (I'll keep my fingers crossed.) We did also get to celebrate Stella's birthday. We didn't do cake or ice cream being as we had already done 2 cakes, but we did do a lot of singing (all day long). I can't believe my baby is one, and my other baby is 3! REALLY!

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