Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smartie Pants!

Molly has know how to say her name for a long time... and she sounds so cute!

Then she learned how to spell it.
Today she wrote it all on her own.

I have been working with her for weeks now on how to write her name. She got some letters no problem, her O's and L's, but has not really gotten M's. My mom sat down with her while I was exchanging shoes yesterday and she totally taught her how to write M's. She worked on Y's as well, but Y's are still kind of a hit and miss thing.
Today she found a crayon and wrote an M. I told her to keep going and do an o and then and l and then another l and then she totally did a y on her own. She just amazes me and loves to learn. I have had a hard time getting her to do a y since that but she is just amazing to me that she can pick stuff up like this so fast. She is so excited about preschool and keeps asking when she can go. I'm really excited for her, I just know she will eat it all up!


katheryn b. said...

She is so smart. I love her. Love the video. Yay for Molly!!

The Wyler Family said...

so sweet! just wait until she starts practicing on your walls. :)

Ashley said...


Natalie said...

She is so smart! Hannah's got the "H" and we've been working on the "a" and "n". But we are still no where near getting it. What a good mom and grandma. They really do just soak things up!