Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Picnic!

We really haven't done much fun family summer time stuff, so the other day I saw these baskets at World Market that reminded me of old time fish and chip baskets and thought that those would be fun for something, you never know, but they were on sale and so I got them. Then I was running late one night and hadn't gotten dinner and it had just been a busy day so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do an outside picnic style dinner. As I started to think about what I would do for the picnic and thinks that would make this fun and memorable for my family I remembered my baskets. So I wiped up a really good and healthy chicken salad. I got this from my sister in law she uses tuna, which I do if it's just for me, but chicken is more kid and Kris friendly, and she also added pine nuts, it's so good and really healthy. (you just put a can of the Kirkland canned chicken, 3 sticks of celery, 1 red pepper, about 3/4 cup of raisins, some olive oil, salt and pepper, top with tomato, soooo good!) then I put it on bread for Kris and the Girls, but thought I would like the pita better. I did pretzels for me and the girls & Kris had chips. While I whipped up this fast and easy dinner Kris and the girls played outside with sidewalk chalk and played in molly's little table pool (best outdoor toy ever, thanks mom!). They pulled out the blanket and were ready for me when I brought out the food. We finished off the meal with some water all the way around and Stella was just excited that she got a big girl cup. Molly kept doing "Cheers" with Stella and she loved that. They walked around the backyard and would come back and forth to eat. All in all it was a really relaxed dinner and it was really fun. These are the things that make summer fun for me, just the relaxed atmosphere. I really appreciate Kris and his going with the flow and not complaining, I know that he was not in love with the "chick" meal, but he is always such a good sport and will just go with the flow. that is just one of the things I love about him. After we were done I did baths and Kris did the clean up. Oh the summer nights!

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