Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Mom, can I ride a pony?"

Sweet Molly sometimes comes up with the most random stuff. Last week she asked me "Mom, can I ride a pony?" She was so nonchalant about the whole thing you would have thought she was asking for a snack. I really don't know where she got the idea of riding a pony, but I have been really trying hard to stop and think before I answer or just rattle off a no. I had remembered a place that is close by that does pony rides for just a few bucks and thought that there was no reason she couldn't ride a pony so I said sure. It was kind of a crazy week, but we found some time last Wednesday to head out to ride a pony. I thought she would be scared and would just cry and not get on, but she went with the girl that was helping and got right on and just kind of sat there taking it all in. After the first time around she kind of loosened up and said to the girl "Do you want to come ride ponies with me?" She is so funny. That wasn't the only time she asked either. She is just getting so big. She really did love it and I was glad that we went. She didn't ride for long, but I think it was just what we were looking for. She keeps asking me if she can go back, so I think she like it. She was so awesome. I'm so proud of her for not getting scared, the kid is scared of everything, from flies to the garbage truck, but not that pony! This most likely will not be our last trip to "ride the pony"! After our pony ride we did a little shopping and then stopped to have lunch. I got the girls a hot dog to share and chips and a drink. Stella was eating so well until she got a taste of Molly's sprite and then she was done and just wanted that drink, oh boy! That girl is quiet a hoot.

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