Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Stella!

We celebrated Stella's Birthday a few days early being as we were going to be out of town over her birthday. It was kind of a cray week being as we had Molly's Birthday party on Sat the 4th, Chelsey's Baby shower on Thursday the 9th and then Stella's party on Sat the 11th. Holy cow. Can I tell you what my house looked like, and Kris's poor family may have been partied out. We kind of did a low key party for her.
For Stella's Invitations I went to the cannery to get some cans and then filled them with candy and pink and yellow confetti and then the actual invitation on top and then sealed the can and put wrapping paper around it with curly ribbon and the little note that said "CAN you come to my party?" So you had to open it to see when and where the party was and who it was for. Kind of fun. They turned out cute and we hand delivered them!

I wanted to incorporate the table setting into the meal so I painted a mural (mind you i'm not an artist. Steph I should have had you do the painting for me) but it kind of turned out fun. I made a tree the top of the tree was all green bowls and green food and then trunk was a brown wooden bowl full of pretzels. I panted a car and the wheels were small pizzas and then the painted flowers, and put little bowls of fruit in the middle for the center of the flowers. Then I painted a sun and filled a bowl full of yellow chips and put it on top and then for the last part I painted a B.B.Q and put mini hamburgers on it. I love the little sliders they were so cute. We also had little mini waters, being as Stella is just mini we went with the mini world theme.

We had so much food left over. Then for the cake we had crazy cake with chocolate mousse on top.

Stella was so funny the whole party. I just let her roam around... YES! She is totally walking and just likes to go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do, so I let her! I gave her some pizza and she loved it. She was so funny with her cake she kept putting her head back and opening her mouth like a little bird... I have never seen a kid get her head back that far. She also tried to eat the cake dog style. Oh this little girl keeps me smiling. Then she found a mini water bottle and my mom was helping her for a bit, but independent Stella wanted to do it all by herself. She loved it and it was so funny to watch her.
At one she is doing so much and is just a busy little girl. That will be a later post, stay tuned


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

I was thinking that I didn't notice the cute design of the table and then I realized that I wasn't there! Oh, so funny!

Ashley said...

You are one rockin' party planer. Holy cow. You should be one professionally. What a way cute invite and food table painting. WOW! You are amazingly creative, what time and love and devotion!

Jodi said...

YOu are so stinkin' creative!! Cute invites, table decorations, etc... cute party idea!!

brittani c. said...

Linds, you really know how to throw parties! Seriously. Your girls have the best little parties because of their cute mom. Cute little idea!