Monday, February 2, 2009

Stella Stats!

Last week Stella finally had her 6 mouth well baby check. She is growing and developing great. She is so funny. She has pretty much mastered sitting up and now is not happy about laying down EVER! She is getting to the point that she will stick her arm over her eyes and play peek a boo with us and she is so funny when she does it! She loves her toys and is eating peas and peaches. She is still getting up at night and I really wish that she was sleeping in her crib, but she is sleeping in her swing. I know I should really get her into her bed, but this kid does not give up. She will scream for hours and i just can't function on 4 hours of sleep. So one day we will have to get her sleeping in her bed. She is growing and I just wish that time would stand still. She is such a sweet baby and although she still has her moments of screaming and won't let me put her down she is such a pleasure in our home. I do have to say that it was quite funny at the Dr. office. So they had just given Stella all of her shots and the cute nurse had brought Molly a sucker. Molly was crying because I told her she couldn't have it till she ate lunch. They were both crying and finally I had gotten Stella settled down, Molly still having a cow. So I put Stella on the table to get her dressed and she really let loose and started screaming. She didn't want to be put down and she was so not happy about it, but this is how it is at our house all of the time. Well the cute nurse popped her head back in and said..."is that Stella?" I told her it was and she asked if she was ok. I told her that this was normal and we were sorry for being so loud. She told me that it was completely fine, she just wanted to make sure Stella was ok after those shots. May we make a scene pretty much where ever we go. Well any way. Stella got 4 shots and an oral vaccine.
Stella's 6 month Stats:
24% in Weight
94% in Length (I know she is way long)
79% in Head Circumference

My sweet baby is just growing up!

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The Wyler Family said...

they are so cute! i love that chair and the hat!