Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grandpas Blessing in Disguise

I have the most amazing grandparents ever. They always make you feel like you are the "favorite" grandchild, and I know that all of my siblings and cousins feel the same way.
About 3 weeks ago my grandparents were going to church and they both slipped in the icy parking lot. During sacrament meeting my grandpa was feeling very ill. But he made it through the meeting and then 2 of the men from their ward helped him out to the car and then met then at their home to help him get in the house and in his chair. One of the men from his ward was a Dr. and checked grandpa out and told grandma to keep an eye on him. He had started to recover and went to a chiropractors appointment. Two weeks after his fall he woke up early and was so sick but couldn't make it to the restroom. He was throwing up every where and my grandma had called my Dad in hopes that maybe she could get someone to help my grandpa get to the restroom. My dad wasn't home but my mom offered her help but she grandma said she would call one of my uncles. After she got off the phone my grandpa said "just call the ambulance" K you know it's REALLY bad when grandpa goes to the Dr. and now he was asking for an ambulance. He was so sick and knew something was REALLY wrong. Grandma had call my uncle Denis and he and his wife came up quickly. They live really close and were there really fast. When they got there Dennis asked my grandpa if they should get him dressed and take him to the hospital. He looked at my grandma and said "would you quit calling the kids and call the ambulance." Grandpa told Dennis just to call the ambulance and they did. He was in really bad shape when he got to the hospital and they discovered that in his fall he had punctured his spleen and was bleeding internally. He was also on Coumadin which thins the blood and so the bleeding was not stopping. Apparently he had stared to heal from his fall, but when he had gone to the chiropractor, his spleen had been re punctured and he was bleeding internally. They had to give him 8 pints of blood. When they opened him up they didn't only find a punctured spleen but they also found 2 aortic aneurysms they refer to these as "Ticking Time Bombs" Because when they burst your gone, no chance. They usually operate on these when they are (pelvic)3cm and grandpas is 9cm and (stomach) 5cm and grandpas is 7cm. These are in no way related to the fall or the spleen but have been accumulating for a while now, but had he not gotten so sick from his ruptured spleen, the Dr. wouldn't have found his Aortic aneurysms. and it was only a mater of time before one of them ruptured. Grandpa spent a week in the ICU until he was well enough to come home. He is now home and recovering and looking great and will be back in the hospital for surgery on his aortic aneurysms on Feb 24. This is quite an invasive surgery and will take a team of about 15. 4 hours long with about 4 different Dr. anesthesiologists, nurses, product reps, assistants the list goes on. Man her really did give us a scare and we really did think that we were going to loose him. I truly believe that he is meant to sick around a bit longer. Some one is really watching out for him. As scary as this has all been with grandpas spleen, those aneurysms would never have been found and who knows how long he would have been around with those "Time Bombs" inside of him. What an amazing man he is. This is not the first time that he has cheated death. He truly is a man of great faith and a strong reliance on the Lord and his healing power. I'm grateful for such amazing examples of faith i have all around me and only hope that I can have that kind of faith and learn from his example.


jacksonx03 said...

I missed this post! I am glad you posted it. Gpa is such a trooper, to have that amount of internal bleeding for that long, wow! Hey do you mind if I post your post on my blog? I hope you are well! Those pics are cute, I love that teal fence. Where is it? Or is it a secret location? Well, I'd love to see you soon. The next little bit is busy with Mike coming home in 2 weeks. I am also quitting my teaching job later this year and that should open up more time for me. It's only the 3 hours a day, but it's a lot more demanding trying to work the rest of your life schedule around it. So I can't wait to quit!

Natalie said...

boy do we all love that man! it is such a blessing and miracle that all has worked out thus far. his mission isn't over yet.

Ashley said...

You are so great to have visited him already. I didn't hear he was out of the hospital until this past Sunday. What a great man and wonderful grandpa!