Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Parrots!

Molly is really quite funny and comes up with some of the funniest phrases. Some she comes up with on her own, but most of them are just repeats of what she hears. I have a lot of phrases that I'm starting to learn are maybe not the best things to say. Some of the things that I have hear are really funny like... "Oh, Are you kidding me?" "Oh that's ok, no worries" "I don't know" "Last night" Every thing is last night! "What happened?" "Gosh" "Actually" "Let's Do It!" "Give me a second!" "Stop it!" (This one can be either funny or not so funny depending on her tone) "Oh, Man!" "What are you doing?" There are more I just am having a hard time coming up with them right now.
Some are really not that funny at all and kind of make me feel bad, for example. The other day I was driving and there was a truck in my lane facing the wrong way just sitting there, not really a way around him I said "Are you kidding me?" Molly responded "Mommy, what happened? I driving you crazy?" Oh my gosh! I could have crawled under a rock and never come out again. I felt so bad. She was hearing me at my most frustrated times and was now repeating what I had said. She hears, she knows! Luckily she is very forgiving and I told her I was sorry and I shouldn't say those kinds of things. Her response. "It's ok mommy, no worries!" Some others were just the other day Molly said "Stupid" She then proceeded to call Stella Stupid. Now I don't call people stupid, but what I do say is "That's so stupid" It humbled me again! Last and not least Kris and Molly went to dinner tonight at Kris's parents house. I stayed home with Stella who is sick and finally sleeping for the first time today. When Kris came home he said that Molly had come up with a new saying. He said that he had not heard it, but that his brother had heard her say it. Her phrase was "I suck!" Man do I feel like I deserve the mother of the year award! Yes I say that ALL too often. I am really hard on my self and I have never really seen that until now! I have always known that this is something that I struggle with, but this is my struggle not Molly's! I am realizing more and more that these little eyes are watching, but more importantly these little ears are listening! I really need to change the way I talk to myself, because I would never want Molly to feel that way! I think I got a small glimpse into how our Father In Heaven feels when we put ourselves down like that. Having children gives you a new outlook on life. I have a lot of changes to make in the way I talk and the way I act! I'm completely embarrassed and ashamed of this, but humbled and now I know that I must change. I have always been glad that I'm not one who swears, but you know really how much better are these phrases? For now I need to remember I have not just one but 2 little parrots who are looking to me as an example and mimic me!

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