Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Huge Strides for Stella!

Stella has been sleeping in her swing for the last (well how old is she? 6 months) Ya, she sleeps in her swing, It was the only place I could get her to sleep longer than 10 min at a time. So I gave in and she has become accustom to sleeping in the swing. I have just really struggled in that I know she really should be sleeping in her own bed and not only that there have been 2 times which if we hadn't buckled her in (We all ways do) she would have fallen out. I just know that as she gets older it's going to get harder to break the habit, so the past couple of weeks I have been trying to put her in her bed for at least one nap everyday. I have really been working up to it. We started off with 2 hours of crying and then I gave up and put her in the swing and from there we have been on average about one hour of crying. Last night I took the leap and put her to bed in her crib. She only cried for a half hour. YEA! She did get up about 5 times, maybe six, but I was not going to give in. She did sleep the whole night (other than when I fed her at night) in her crib! I know It sounds mean, but I'm at a total loss. Molly was such a good sleeper and she never was this stubborn when it came to sleeping. The second thing that I did today... I am so worried about my kids being the ones that are 6 years old and still taking a bottle to church, really I've seen it! So I like to get my kids off of bottles as soon as I can. I have this awesome transition cup that is called Born Free. It's totally like a bottle, it just has a different top. More of a sippy cup top, but is still totally like a bottle. They are awesome. I have tried it with her before, but she is not the most coordinated eater, which is funny to me because she is a very coordinated baby (at least in my book) anyway I know I get so off track. But the 1st time I tried to use it she wanted nothing to do with it and I had to transfer the milk into a bottle. But today she seemed to get the hang of it. It took a little bit but she did it. I know I seem like a crazy mom, but I just keep trying until we get it and if we don't, well then we try again later oh well, it's just like the potty training (oh that is a whole other story)! Anyway I'm so proud of Stella what big steps for her! Now if we can just get that sleeping though the night thing down:)


Natalie said...

whew! its hard to be a mom sometimes! you can do it. it will be worth it.

Kari said...

So not a fun thing to have to "play tough," is it?!?! I followed the Babywise plan with Cougar and it literally changed my life!! He ended up being a fabulous sleeper (until he learned to climb out of bed). The book had been recommended to me lots of times but when I got desperate around 6 weeks I read it cover to cover in a day, started the next day with him and he was a totally different baby in 24 hours!!!! Good luck to you in the transition!