Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!

Here are the last 2 nights in review....

Monday Night:

7:30 p.m.- Molly in bed and asleep
10:15 p.m.- Molly wakes up screaming. She keeps saying "My nose runny!"
11:00 p.m.- Stella goes to bed.
2:15 a.m.- Molly finally goes back to sleep.
2:30 a.m.- I get to go to sleep finally!
3:20 a.m.- Molly wakes up screaming again "nose runny."
3:40 a.m.- Molly goes back to sleep.
3:50 a.m.- Molly had woken up Stella. Feed, change, burp Stella.
4:45 a.m.- Stella's back in her crib going to sleep.
8:30 a.m.- I get up to start my day!

Tuesday Night:

7:00 p.m.- Molly goes to bed
12:00 a.m.- Stella goes to bed
2:00 a.m.- Molly gets up with "nose runny" Wipe her nose 10 times, sing her 3 songs, give her medicine, but she still won't let me leave her screaming has woken up Stella and they are both screaming. I try to get Molly to stop so I can go get Stella, but she won't and I try to get them both quite so that Kris can get some sleep. The poor guy probably didn't get any sleep at all.
2:30 a.m.- Molly finally stops crying, and is trying to go back to sleep.
2:30 a.m.- I feed, change, and burp Stella.
3:00 a.m.- Stella goes back to sleep, so do I.
4:00 a.m.- Stella starts crying, more screaming. She is on her stomach. I walk with her. I burp her. I rock her. I bounce her. I try to put her back in bed more screaming.
5:00 a.m.- I give in and put Stella in her swing, She still cries for 15 more minutes. I go back to bed.
8:15 a.m.- I get up for the day

P.S. the No Sleep Till Brooklyn is a Beastie Boys Song, and that's what Kris calls Stella a lot of the time. Just FYI


Uffens Family said... is rough...especially when you actually write it down- no wonder we are so tired!!!! :) People keep asking me if I am going to have more...I told them to ask me when my baby is sleeping through the night! :)

The Stevens said...

Oh man that is bad. I feel for you!!! Good luck and I hope it gets better!

Camille said...

lindsay!! oh i am so sorry! that really stinks! i so hope you get some sleep tonight. just think only two more nights until the weekend and then kris is on kid duty, right?!? :) jeff says it would be good for kris (he is only saying that because that is when he is really "on duty" at night ;) hang in there!

Natalie said...

Yuck Linds! Sounds miserable. Is Molly just waking up because she is sick?! I hope this isn't a 'normal' night for you! Good luck!

The Wyler Family said...

how on earth do you function? i remember those nights with ethan, but it was only one kid. you poor thing!

Liz said...

Oh the joyful moments of motherhood. The funny thing is it seems like eternity while your going through it, but it will pass more quickly then you realize.

Ellison Family said...

Ohh you are making me so excited to have two!! :) Now I know what I have lurking around the corner.

Kari said...

You need a vacation, girl!! Sounds to me like you should get yourself a hotel room for the night and leave Kris to tend to the babies :) And just so you know ... I totally knew that was the Beastie Boys - and now it's stuck in my head!!!!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh.... you need a break... a long nap maybe.. Hang in there.. I am so sorry! xoxo