Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me, Oh I Mean Kris!

Kris's birthday! Oh boy! Well he had convention, but didn't end up going that morning and so I got up early and made his favorite pancakes, I'm sure they weren't as good as when he makes them, he is a true master. But I made him pancakes and got everything ready for him to eat breakfast in bed. I also added the jar I had made 36 reasons I love him plus a few reasons Molly loves him. Then I took him breakfast in bed. He is not one that really loves to read, watch tv, eat, or even just lay in bed. He just feels like it's not really comfortable to sit that way to read or watch tv. He was a good sport and ate in bed. I kept telling him that he could go in the kitchen but he sat in bed and ate his breakfast while Molly sat on our bed and watched the Wiggles. I had put up some balloons and ribbon in the kitchen for him, It's a birthday, it's got to be a big deal. So after breakfast he got up and cleaned the house while I got the girls ready, fed and got ready myself. Then I asked what he wanted to do. For his birthday we are going to get a tv for the gym ( well, it's a work in progress) but we were going to go to Costco to look at tv's. I have been asking him for weeks to think about food storage and how we should go about getting it. I don't know why but this has been really pressing on my mind and I think now I know what our family eats and what and how we should do food storage. Kris said that we should maybe go and get the food storage so we stopped at walmart and then off to Costco, to finish off the food storage shopping. By the time we had spent all our money on food storage, Kris thought it might be best to hold off 'till next month to get the tv. The poor guy got food storage for his birthday. His 2 favorite things to do... shopping, and spending money! I felt kind of bad, but I do have to say it feels really nice to have a handle on the food storage. We got home and worked on the basement for a but and then my sister and her friend came up to spend the night and watch our kids so we could go out and celebrate. Kris decided on Olive Garden for dinner and it was really good. During dinner we were discussing things that we could do after dinner to celebrate his birthday. I kept coming up with ideas and one that I though out was going to Circuit City to check out the going out of business sale, maybe they had a good deal on a tv. Kris thought that sounded like a good idea so that's where we headed. K there was nothing there, only really large tv's and they were still really over priced. I did however find a case for my ipod to put around my arm while I do the cleaning around the house... and help drown out the screaming which I have needed to do on several occasions. I also found some DVD's that I could use to burn my movies I buy from itunes. Here is the funny thing. I had left my wallet in the diaper bag and with out my kids why take my diaper bag? Right? So that's right Kris had to pay for them, not that he wouldn't anyway, It just would have had to come out of my budget. Like I said... Happy Birthday to ME! Poor guy. So then we decided to go see a movie. We went to the ghetto theater by us and the only thing that was playing really was "He's just not that in to you." K can I just say there are some guy's out there that can do a chick flick and enjoy it... not really my husband. But you know what? He went and didn't complain once and was just a good sport. On the way to the car I just started to laugh and he asked if I was tired, I get a bit giggly when I'm tired, but I just couldn't stop laughing. I told him... You got to buy food storage, you didn't get your tv. You had to clean the house, you got to buy me stuff from Circuit City, and they you got to go to a chick flick... Happy Birthday! We both just started to laugh. We did come home and watch Burn Notice, and that was fun. He amazes me. I just love to be with him. I really wish we could have done something he would have loved, but hey we can try later right. I just hope next year is better for him. Anyway I love him, I'm glad that he was born and that he decided I wasn't such a bad catch. I definitely married up! Happy Birthday baby!
I know I didn't get any pictures of him eating his breakfast, didn't think anyone wanted to see him in his G's;)


Ashley said...

Ya, HAppy Birthday Lindsay, I mean Khris. How funny. What a good man. Things like that always seem to happen to us to. Sounds like a fun birthday anyway.

Kari said...

Awesome story ... some days can be like that, huh? Sounds like a great birthday, anyway, because you got to spend the day together!!