Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Birthday!

When your birthday is on a Sunday it seems to make your birthday last a lot longer! We got home on Saturday and collected our kids that night and didn't get to bend till 1:30. We were bet, but got up and went to Stake Conference and then came home. We had gotten both of the girls down and decided to take a nap when I heard Molly knocking on her door. Kris was so nice to take her downstairs and play with her so I could take a little nap. Then Stella got up and we were getting ready to go to Kris's family for dinner. Becky was nice to make us all dinner and then we came home and wound down and headed to bed. Monday my mom came up a real treat and we went to lunch at Pei Wei that was so nice of her to come and visit we were sad when she had to leave. Kris and I took the girls that night to dinner at Zupas and Molly loved the fondue that we got. (Yes I did gain some weight back from all of this eating out, but man it was good! I just don't think I want a burger of fries for a while. It was so fun to be with our little family the girls were so cute. Like I said when your birthday is on a Sunday it seems to last a lot longer:)


katheryn b. said...

Wish I could of gone with mom. Lame phone had to get lost. I love you! You are now a year older. Yay you!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay! Hope it was a great one.