Monday, January 19, 2009

San Fran!

Two years ago Kris & I were coming home from Hawaii and were offered the opportunity to give up our seats and get 2 free tickets to anywhere (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) We waited 6 hours to get on the next flight and at the time I don't think that we were thinking it was worth it! We just got back from San Francisco this past week and now I'm glad we had the chance to go using our two free tickets. Kris went to school in San Fan and I did go out to see him once, but I don't think that it was a place we would have gone with out free tickets, now I would pay to back every year! It was so much fun. We had planned to take Stella and leave Molly with Kris's family, but after several extremely hard days and really bad nights I asked my mom if she would keep Stella. I figured that would be one kid for each grandma and my kids aren't all that bad one on one. My mom also had my brother, sister in law, two sisters and dad to help her out when she needed it. I was sooooo worried about leaving her, not because I was worried about Stella, I was worried about everyone else. She really wants to be a good baby, she just is having a hard time figuring things out! Well everyday I called my mom expecting her to ask us come home... but no, Stella was being a little angel! She was sleeping though the night taking awesome naps and if she was crying the whole time she was a wake they were denying it! Molly did great as well. Our fist day started out early. We were up at 3:30 and in San Fran by 9:30. We went to get some breakfast form Micky D's and then went straight to Alcatraz. So cool by the way. That place was amazing. There was a man there signing books that served time in Alcatraz for bank robbery. It was really amazing to hear and learn all about that place. Then we went to lunch at a place that Kris was introduced to while in San Fran for a tennis match from his days on the collage tennis team. So good. House of NanKing, a little dive, they have actually fixed it up from the last time either of us has been there. We drove around San Fran for a while and went by the school, went to a look out, and then we went to check in to our hotel, buy they we were totally beat and Kris was totally wanting a Mt. Dew, there were no fountain drinks to be found. We then went and got some food from In & Out Burger. Then we got some sleep. We weren't feeling very well and we were ready for a good nights sleep. The next day we were up early and we headed to Oakland and stopped by the Oakland temple. We met a darling sister missionary that was form Hong Kong and had only been out 4 weeks. We didn't take a tour because we were going to meet one of Kris's classes mates who is practicing in Oakland. We did drive around Berkley while we were there and I got to see the tennis courts that Kris played on back in the day. We met up with Danny at his office and then went back to his place. Then we were on our way back to city. Danny treated us to lunch and I think those were the best fries I've ever had! We dropped off Danny down town so he could meat up with another classmate that was in town, and we headed to the Golden Gate bridge. It's so amazing. Then we headed to the beach close to where Kris lived and yep that's right there were a few "nudist" there, not much to look at promise! We couldn't go without hitting Ghirardelli square so we stopped by and got a strawberry shake for Kris and banana split for me, totally worth it. We did some more driving around town and had to hit Lombard St. After all of that food we weren't really ready for more dinner, so we stopped by the gas station and got a sandwich (this time Kris was feeling a bit better, and he got a fountain drink, hooray!) Then we just came back to our room and watched a little TV and crashed. The next morning (did I mention we got to sleep in?) We had to go see the "Painted Ladies" that was another thing on my list I wanted to do. It is the row of victorian houses that you see on almost every movie or TV show filmed in San Fran, It's also know as post card row. They were amazing and I just wanted to keep singing "There she goes, there she goes again" The theme song form "So I married an ax murderer". Yes that was in that movie when they are sitting in the park across the street form "The painted Ladies". Then we went by the Museum of Fine arts and walked around then walked down to Golden Gate Park. The beach was amazing and so fun to see all of these families with their kids and dogs (no still not ever getting a dog) but it was so fun to watch all of them. After all of that Kris was so nice in humoring me to go to the Aquarium of the Bay. That was soooo cool. They had these big tunnels that you would walk though and it was a tube aquarium so all of the animals were swimming over your head and all around you. The glass was kind of funny so it kind of made you feel like you were looking through someone elses glasses, but it really was sooo cool. At the end of the tour you can touch all of these animals the Stingrays, Starfish, and sharks. It was really cool. We decided to try and hit this Japanese restaurant that we had tried the day before, but it was closed, It was closed for lunch again so we headed to In & Out Berger one more time (it was right by the airport and then we were on our way home. It was a whirl wind of a weekend, but it was so nice to spend some time with just Kris. A huge thanks to everyone for helping out with our kids! We had a blast and neither one of them would have done well with the non stop going! We missed our kids a ton and it was good to get back to them. They are so stinking cute! What a fun Birthday! I love you babe!

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