Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out With 2008 In With 2009

We spent the new year at my parents and celebrated New York time so we were home and in bed by the real New Year. We also left my parents before we got to do your predictions. I've never been good at the predictions part, but I love when we write down some of the big moments of the last year and goals for the next year. Since I didn't get to do that I thought I would do that now.

Year In Review:
-Survived Pregnancy
-Stella was born
-Molly turned two
-Kris (with Cameron's help) built the downstairs entertainment center
-I lost 15 lbs
-2 trips to Lake Powell
-Got my Camera Nikon D80!!!!
-Got my bedroom furniture
-Kris and I only missed 4 days this whole year of reading the scriptures together
-Kris was able to got to TX to a Dallas Cowboys game. He also was able to go to spring training (baseball) both with his dad and brother.
-Went to CO to visit the Easton Family
-Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.

Goals For This Year:
-lose 25 more lbs
-Get birthday cards out to all of our family!
-Organize my life (Be on time) side note: I have always been on time till having 2 children. Now it seems like even when we are ready to go someone has a stinky diaper, needs to be feed again, or we have another 2 year old melt down, etc.
-Finish Basement
-Stretch myself (Be Daring)
-Reward myself for my achievements
-Not stress over things I can't control
-Be more diligent with our 10 min puck up every night before bed.
-Ame for 30 min of cleaning everyday to replace all other cleaning.
-Enjoy life more thoroughly

A look back on 2008:


jacksonx03 said...

What!?! You alread did 15 lbs and ant to do another 25 lbs? Lindsay we don't want you to wither away! But kudos on all the accomplishments and goals. I think you are a ball of sunshine!

Uffens Family said...

I have to admit...I LOVE reading your blog...mostly because I can relate to almost everything...and your new years resolutions give me some good ideas too :) Here's to making it thru 2009 without pregnancy sickness!
PS you want to share your weightloss tricks with a big trip in 3 months :)

Ashley said...

Ya for surviving 2008! You did a lot of great things. Thanks for sharing the pictures. What's the "Vickie's Book"? We love the Pancake balls too, we call them ableskibers, something like that.

The Wyler Family said...

what a great year! hope you reach all your goals in 2009!

Brooke said...

You do look amazing. Happy 2009!

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

Wow, what a good year. I loved reading your "best of 2008" - it's fun thinking about what this year will bring. Best wishes with your basement! I'm going to be trying to organize my life better too.