Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Calm in the Rosander Storm! Baby Nora.

This baby is as sweet as they come! Today I was really reminded of that. Nor got up early about 6:30 and while I was feeding her I could hear Molly start to cry. I new that she would be throwing up soon. She had been up twice last night complaining that she didn't feel well and typically this is how it all starts for us. I took Nora to Kris and I headed to help Molly.
Nora has had to take 3rd seat all day to a puking sister and hurricane Stella, but has played pleasantly in her crib till I could get to her (mind you she was ready to eat) and then watched attentively while I tried to help Molly and then Stella, all while she is ready for lunch.
Nora is most definitely our calm among the storm. I'm so grateful that she is here and healthy and we are truly blessed for having her! She is 9 months tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. She has stopped spitting up as much as she used to... don't get me wrong she will still spit up all the time just not a huge amount. So nice that she is not sliming us every time you pick her up.
She has finally kind of got the sitting up thing. Still not perfect, but doing so well. She has also realized she can get anywhere she wants by rolling and she has that awesome bald spot on the back of her head to prove it. But man she can move. It's really funny to watch how fast she can get from point A to point B by rolling. I LOVE more than anything how excited she gets when I come in to get her out of bed. She is so happy to see me any time and smiles come very easily for her! She has a little bit of a crazy streak in her. She loves to be thrown in the air (We don't do anything too crazy, and you really have to be cautious due to her reflux you could end up covered in spit up) she loves wild play, tickling, jumping and squeezing. I have not been super consistent with feeding her solids. She has had kind of a hard time and it has taken a little while to get use to it, I think due to her Laryngomalacia. But she is doing better and we are figuring it out together. She is sleeping really well and loves her daddy. So funny. When Kris gets home he usually heads right to the bedroom to change. If Nora sees him come in and leave without stopping to great her she gets whinny and starts to cry. So cute! She also loves her big sisters. The other thing she loves is her lamb that was given to her by a woman in our ward. It's so funny to watch her with that lamb. She gets so exited and kind of tackles this lamb, she hangs on tight to it and is always giving it big bear hugs! Did I mention how much I love those sweet blue eyes? Wow! I just can't believe how fast this has all gone. I love this baby!


Kelsie Peterson said...

She is beautiful and so sweet! Just like her mama.

The Wyler Family said...

she is so cute! i feel the same way about abby. she is so calm and gentle and easy going... exactly what we needed! :)

Natalie said...

What a beautiful girl. I love those eyes. My Easton is heaven send as well. I think those 3rd kids just have to be! Love ya and missed you today at the shower. It was fun to see Cyd and Kathryn.