Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back and better!

So today in church the theme was gratitude. However one of the speakers talked a lot about journaling.... I don't know why I always feel this push to journal. I'm really bad at it, but there is something in me that compels me to do it. I need to be better. Blogging is my only journal and so here I am. I want to look back and remember what we did for the girls birthdays, holidays, back to school their yearly stats and all of those BIG moments, but what I want to remember is the day to day. I often don't remember what I did the day before so with all of the big moments I really want to capture the day to day! So I will be doing a lot of catch up. Some Big and some boring stuff nobody but I would about. But it's the real stuff we deal with every day! So bottom line... I'm back and going to be better!

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Natalie said...

I so agree with you. I need to do better at journaling too. We are having a journaling activity for YWs tomorrow... hopefully that will help motivate me. I love reading your blog. I miss keeping in touch better. Are you coming to Sarah's shower on Saturday? Hope you see you there. Love ya.