Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Crazy Day!

8:30 am and 54 degrees. It's going to be a beautiful day... or so I thought!

Kris had asked me the night before to keep the girls away from the fence because he was working on repairing it and was worried that it would fall over on top of them. I assured him that they would not be playing in the back yard because they were grounded from playing outside because they had lost that privilege. Well when I had turned to get Nora up from her nap they were outside and when I looked out look at what I saw... the fence on the ground and the girls filling the holes back in with dirt that Kris had worked so hard to dig for the new posts! AWESOME!

Love this sweet baby. Sneak preview of what's to come. This picture was taken just before the girls snuck out and went over to my friends across the street. They knocked on the door and asked if they could spend the night because they have the "meanest mom in the whole universe"! My friend was sweet and gave them each fruit snacks and a gum ball and told them to come give me a hug and say they were sorry, because an "I'm sorry" will go along way! She is way too nice!

It's hard work being a kid with the meanest mom in the whole universe! She feel asleep on the floor! Wow what a day! I think I could fall asleep on the floor as well! She sure looks peaceful, and really sweet when she is sleeping!

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