Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Mom did you know you were wrong?"

So today while we were eating lunch Molly said...

"Hey mom did you know that you were wrong.
When you told us that Nephi's first home was America.
His first home was Jerusalem!"

-First off I never told her that Nephi's first home was America.
We may have talked about how Nephi lived in America,
but I never said that his first home was here...
-Second... Really! I'm glad she is listening, learning and loving it!
Love this kid!


Katheryn Wiederhold said...

What a smartie! And your pictures on the side of your blog are a bit out dated of your kids :)

Brooke said...

She will definitely let you know when you are wrong! Or if you are going too fast, or if you leave kids home alone, or... LOVE THAT GIRL! xox

Camille said...

so cute and funny too!! love your cute girls!!

Steph H said...

Such a cute picture!