Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Did I Do Today?

You know that question... What did you do today? I have often stopped in my tracks not knowing what I had done all day. I have tried to do this before, but it has never really worked. I saw this on my friends blog, and really wanted to do it. I just think that it will be so fun to look back on in 2 years and see how things have changed and what things are still the same. And one day I think it will be fun to look back on for my girls when they are doing the same things I'm doing. Just kind of a fun idea. Really this is soooo long and I am just doing it for journaling prepossess, so I don't expect anyone to really read this.
6:40 Up, put work out cloths on and head down stairs to do the Firm work out video

7:45 Done with my workout for the day. Yea! Head upstairs. The girls are still asleep (total miracle) I decided to blog surf for a bit.

8:45 I can hear Molly talking and playing in her room. Stella is still not up (I’m wondering if Kris drugged her last night) I figure now is the best time to jump in the shower while Molly is playing and Stella’s is still asleep.

9:00 I stop the shower and hear Molly scramming bloody murder. Grab my robe and head for her room. The Garbage Truck! I hate that thing. Molly has been scared of it for as long as I can remember. Molly’s crying wakes up Stella.

9:20 Finally get Molly settled down and diapers changed, (Nice, I forgot to close Molly’s window after her stinky diaper yesterday. Her room is cold, but she doesn’t feel cold. Her room stinks again. Yep Mother of the year award for me!)

9:40 Breakfast is finally ready. I don’t know what is harder… Having to hold Stella while I do everything or having her crawling under my feet crying and banging her head on the floor. My breakfast, a breakfast smoothie and fruit. Molly’s Breakfast, toast, life cereal, fruit and of course Chocolate milk. Stella’s breakfast, 6oz of goodness in the form of formula!

10:12 Get dressed (yep still in my bathrobe), put some make up on. You may be asking what about her hair? Oh not on swim days. At least not before swim. I come out looking like a poodle or worse just some fizzy haired crazy women.

10:21 My mother in law called to thank me for having them over for Easter dinner. She talked about how nice it was and how nice everything looked. That was so thoughtful for her to call and thank me. That makes me feel awesome!

10:30 I should be walking out the door for swimming lessons, but Stella is having a massive fit about me getting her dressed. Put Molly’s wet suit on.

10:45 Head out the door. We should have been out the door 15 minutes ago.

10:50 We get there and put Molly’s swim diapers on. 5 minutes to spare. Wahoo

11:00 Molly gets in the pool.

11:15 Molly is out of the pool, get her dressed and head out to buckle the kids in the car. Molly has to remind me to buckle the bottom part of her seat belt… “And mother of the year goes to …Lindsay Rosander”

11:37 We get home and make snacks for everyone. Stella 6 oz bottle, saltine, and peach puffs. Molly, peach yogurt, and string cheese, and water. Me, Bagel, cream cheese, and Almonds with caffeine free Diet Coke. I need the real thing but that’s all I’ve got.

12:01 Molly and I are done with our snacks and I sit down to watch Studio 5 while I feed Stella her bottle, and Molly plays!

12:10 K that didn’t work so well. Molly was way to loud and Stella was done with her bottle, changed her diaper and both Molly and Stella go down for a nap. Let’s see how this goes! Unload and load dishwasher, pick up kitchen, wipe off counters, pick up family room. Clean up front closet.

1:00 I really should move to our bedroom and clean up there. (Looks like a bomb went off,) while both girls are still asleep, I’m sure not for long here is the recycling truck! Oh boy. Well I lay down for a few minutes. Stella really must not be feeling well. She never sleeps this long!

1:12 Kris called to see if the sprinkler guy had come… He hadn’t. Totally had forgotten that someone was supposed to be coming. I love to talk to Kris. He is so cute. I told him all about my morning and asked when he would be home, and then I make an attempt to talk him into saying he was sick and then coming home to hang out with us! Wouldn’t that be fun?

1:19 try to lay down again.

1:41 Had to go to the bathroom, and decided it was time for me to get going on my bedroom, while the girls were still asleep.

2:30 My room is not done yet, but both girls are up, so the rest will have to wait. Get the girls up. Make Stella a 7oz bottle, Molly plays with her toys while I feed Stella. Change both Molly and Stella. Molly wanted to wear underwear. It’s been a while since she has wanted to do that. I hope I don’t have to clean up any accidents.

2:57 I start dinner. Nag Molly “Molly don’t hit Stella” Molly, back off, she’s fine” “Molly don’t kick Stella.” They really do get along very well. I think we just get a little riled up and do things we don’t mean to.

3:40 Take Molly potty and change Stella’s poppy diaper.

3:48 Back to dinner. Kris is supposed to be home by 4. Oh I can’t wait! I love that guy!

4:00 Melissa A. called about Y.W. We talked about the activity tomorrow. I called my girls that I need to pick up.

4:15 Dinner is done, Kris is not home. I play with the girls. Molly and I played with her Mrs. Potato head bunny.

4:20 Kris is home! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Has to change his clothes and then we are ready for dinner.

4:27 Dinner is served! Oh wait. Molly poured 1 ½ cups of salad dressing on her stir-fry, Oh yummy! Dump off most of the dressing, Kris cleans it up off the counter.

4:30 We sit down for dinner.

5:00 Get a bottle for Stella; sit by Kris while he feeds her.

5:10 Molly has an accident. Change Molly

5:17 Clean up dinner, and the kitchen. It was a really easy clean up and Kris helped!

5:32 Get the kids ready to run to the bank to fill out some paper work on our accounts. We also got some shopping done as well.

6:47 10-minute pick up, scriptures, baths, prayers, brushed teeth, kisses, & hugs!

7:15 Put Molly to bed. Not bad for taking a bath and not getting home till 6:47. Only 15 minutes late!

7:15 Kris put a load of laundry in. So nice. I always have good intentions of doing that; I just seem to space when I get a free second.

7:18 I get to sit down and watch Biggest Looser while I feed Stella, baby food and a bottle.

7:30 Stella fell asleep and so I put her in bed, I’m sure she will be up before we head to bed, but I get to sit with Kris for a little bit in quite with a treat and watch some TV.

9:00 Kris went to an Elders quorum presidency meeting

9:45 Kris gets home from his meeting, checks the Jazz score.

10:00 Wash face, brush teeth, read scriptures, and pray. No I never really did get my hair done, up in a ponytail which is as far as I get most of the time. Kris stayed up a little latter to watch the game.

11:00 I go to sleep.


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

That's kinda cool. I have thought about doing that, just to actually see what I do all day. My question is this... what is Studio 5?

The Bastian's said...

Hey girly! I sure miss you. You would have thought we would have hung out more often being as close as we were. We are just going to have to be better about our get togethers. Your girsl are beautiful and honesly I had to laugh when I saw the chopped up fruit and the perfect closet in your last post for your day. Its pure Lindsay! I only wish I was the organized and together. Your a good example to me! Love ya girl!

The Bastian's said...

oh yeah, your also the biggest....and the awesomest!! :)

Uffens Family said...

I am just impressed you fit wash your face into that day!!! Ahhh!!! Love those crazy days...not really...but someday I am sure I will look back with fondness :)

Natalie said...

Whew! What have I done today?!

Steph H said...

I'm so glad you did this too! That's fun to read about what the day of a stay at home mom looks like. Wow, you're sure busy! I'm impressed with how much you're able to get done! Mine was pretty long too, but like you said, it's for journaling and really just for me and I like all the details. It's interesting and life will look so different during different chapters so I think it'll be fun to compare.