Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conference Weekend April 2009

I just love conference. There is always somthing that is spoken just to me (or so it seems). I love the relaxed feel of staying home and not having to rush around here and there trying to get everyone ready by 9:00 (our ward time never changes. The only other ward in the building is the single ward that always starts at 1:00). I love the family time and in all honesty I really like the challenge of keeping my kids quiet so I can get something out of it. 
Saturday morning we woke up we headed to our new favorite spot Jamba Juice for smoothies and I got the oatmeal. Oh so good. We made it home a bit late, but had listened to conference on the radio until we got home. That day was kind of crazy the girls were all over the place and really poorly behaved. Kris was funny, he made some kind of comment as to today the kids were really bad, and they were, but I just had to smile and say "oh hun, this is everyday."
Kris went to the Priesthood session that night with his dad, brother and grandfather, while I went to pick up some food from Cafe Rio and came home and ate with the girls then we went to find some fun things to keep them busy for tomorrows sessions of conference. We found some really fun stuff at my favorite store Lakeshore Learning. Love that store soooo much. Any way we headed home and put Molly to bed. 
The next day was awesome. The girls were so good and the activities really kept Molly happy and quiet. Stella was a good girl to and then being as the sun was out we went for a walk. It was beautiful, not really warm but still a nice day. We got home and put the girls down for their naps and the last session was amazingly quiet. 
I learned so much. I really need to look to the temple more and make getting to the temple more of a priority. That is one of the biggest things that I got out of it. I was grateful for all of the words that were spoken and can't wait to get the Ensign to reread the talks I loved and those I didn't get to really hear. What a blessing to live in todays day and time. I love that things have not really changed in the church. I think of King Benjamin gathering all of his people together. Everyone pitching their tents toward the temple to listen to their king. I think of the words that he wrote to take to those that could not hear his words because they were to far away. As I read Mosiah 2 it shows me that things are the same in God's church always. This parallels todays general conference so well! How grateful I am for the scriptures, for the church and for the chance to hear God's words and instruction to his people.

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