Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Easter!

I have been prepping Molly for months about Easter and what the true meaning of Easter is, but with Easter comes talk of the Easter Bunny. Molly didn't really get the whole thing. Maybe next year, but in preparing her for this monumental holiday I want to do some things to make is really special. This was the first year that I was planning on having dinner here. We hadn't really heard what our familys were doing for dinner and so figured that we would be doing Easter dinner with just us. I had so many ideas running though my head of how I could make this a memorable meal for Easter Sunday. When I had gone to pick up the girls form my mother in law she mentioned that they were having Easter dinner at their house and being as Kerry (the youngest and only one still at home) was out of town with her sister and their family that it would just be the two of them and Kris's grandfather Papa. I was thinking in my head I should invite them to come over to our house, but them my mind was filled with doubt and fear. I never cooked ham, ya people say it's easy, but leave it up to me to ruin it and everyones Easter dinner. Big responsibility. I later that day had one of my best ideas ever. I figured, well Becky would be cooking, most likely the traditonal Easter ham, why could I not invite them all over here and have her bring the ham? I talked with Kris to make sure that this would not be completely tacky and he told me that it wouldn't be. So I called and asked what she was planning on making for dinner and if she was doing a ham. She said that being as it was just the three of them she was thinking of doing steak. Funny thing is I'm not a huge fan of ham, and Kris isn't either and when I said something about the ham he had said "Why don't we just do some steaks? I told her awesome what if I went to just to get a few more and they could all come over here and Kris and pa (Kris's dad) could cook them on the grill. She was so nice and said that would be nice. She also offered to make the rolls and if you have ever had Becky's rolls you know what a treat they are. This was so nice because that was one less thing I was worried about ruining. I have a really good roll recipe, but I wouldn't get them to rise right or cook long enough or they got over cooked, huge relief. So That is right folks I got to do all the fun stuff I really was wanting and planning on doing, with none of the stress. It was such a good day. We got up early so that we could be ready by the time the girls got up. That would give us some time to check out the Easter baskets and get the girls ready for church at 9:00. We had just a little time to check out the baskets and Kris actually liked the tie the Easter bunny got for him. I was shocked. He is not really a huge fan of stuff I pick out and I had totally helped the Easter bunny. Molly was in love with her goggles, flippers, and swim cap and the candy and other toys, man she was in heaven. I think the Easter bunny over did this year. We had a really quick breakfast and it was dressed and out the door we went. Man the girls really had a hard week. I think that that one was the worst one yet. Really I hate to take Molly out... K I have not had to take her out to the foyer since before Stella was born, and then not long after I had taken Molly out, I hear this really loud scream and know that it was Stella. Sure enough here comes Kris with Stella. That has never happened where we are both out there with both kids. Are you kidding me. Can you say, way to much sugar. We we come home and I finished the last prep work for dinner and sat by Kris to watch some TV. Then at 4:30 Papa, Pa and Nana came over for dinner. I ate myself silly and those rolls, so good. Everything was awesome and I was so glad that I could just relax and enjoy Easter dinner. I had so much fun putting everything together and Becky though it was nice she only had to really cook the rolls and the guys did the meat so all in all I think we all were happy with the set up. After dinner Pa took Papa to the hospitel to be with Vonda, the poor thing has been there for a month. We missed her and hope she gets better really soon. While Pa took Papa Kris and I cleaned the kitchen in no time at all, it was so nice to have Becky to hold Stella. We got things done so much faster than we would have if we would have had to hold her or step around her while she cried. We had everything done by the time Pa got back and we sat on the couch and visited and Nana shared a great story with us. They were so nice to come over and we loved having them. They left shortly after that and Molly was out of control (she really was all day) but it was off to bed for her and she was beat. She went right to sleep. It really was such a great Easter. I'm so thankful for this special time of year that we get to thing of our Savior. Christmas we think of his birth and Easter we think of his resurrection. That is amazing. I love the Savior and am so thankful for all he gave us! How blessed we are. Here are all of the pictures. Sorry there were a ton!

Family Easter Baskets.

Molly and her new goggles! 
Kris holding his new tie, he changed and wore that to church right after this picture!
The dinner table before we ate. The WB is totally off. I'll get better... maybe!
My center piaces were my desert trays with mini cupcakes. 

This was desert. Crazy cake (my mom's recipe, it so good) with mosse topping.

The mini cupcakes also searved as Easter favors!
Stella in her Easter outfit!

Molly in her Easter outfit!

She can't get enough of those goggles! The Easter bunny did a good job! She knows Molly well.


The Poer Family said...

How fun! Easter looked fun and fancy..LOVE IT! The food looked DELICIOUS and your girls are both SO adorable in their Easter fun to have 2 girls so close together to dress. Aren't they SO MUCH FUN AND TROUBLE? They are EXPENSIVE sometimes, aren't they? Their tutu skirts are SO ADORABLE. Conference weekend looked fun for you guys too. I LOVE conference weekend. I wish it was that every Sunday. It's relaxing.

brittani c. said...

I love the Easter dresses for your girls. I also love your mini cupcakes...they look delish! How clever to use them as centerpieces. Very Martha Stewart-ish.

Bella Blogger said...

I love Easter. I am glad you had a great day. Molly looks adorable in her tutu and goggles, and those cupcakes look yummy!

Camille said...

i am lovin those mini cupcakes...where did you get those? or did you make them. it all looks awesome. and molly is a crack up with those goggles and tutu! super cute kiddos you have!

Ashley said...

I have been reading your blogs, but bad at commenting lately. I love your table set up and all your way cute serving dishes and dishware. I totally need some nice things like that. You did a lovely job.

Kate Lorraine said...

Wow, looks great! What is crazy cake? Looks yummy, will you email the recipe, I love new recipes. :) Your girls are so cute!

Kam's Blog said...

how cute are they? see you soon love all of ya'll

Steph H said...

I think you're too hard on yourself. You are a FANTASTIC host and I am so impressed with your food and centerpieces and decorating and everything! Seriously, looking at your blog is like looking at a magazine. Everything looks delicious! Those cupcakes are incredible. Bravo!

Brooke said...

Are you kidding me? Seriously Martha should be really worried! You are so talented! The desserts look AMAZING! Way to go girl! miss ya! xoxo