Friday, April 24, 2009

Stella's 9 Month Check

Stella's 9 Month Stats...

Weight: 17 lb 7 oz 23%
Length: 28 in 61%
Head Circumference: 46 cm 91%

Shots: She didn't have to get shots at this appointment. She is all caught up for now. Next time her 12 month appointment she will get several.

Feeding: She eats anything. She mostly drinks formula. Also eats baby food Stage 2 and 1. She loves Cheerios, puffs, and the Gerber yogurt drops, She has also been introduced to lots of solids, not that that is what she is eating, but she loves to eat whatever we are eating.

Development and Behavior: Crawling, pulling herself up on everything. Banging things together. Clapping. Waving. One tooth, lower front right. Clicks her tongue. Puts everything into her mouth. Opening drawers and cupboards. Stranger anxiety!

Sleeping: She is only getting up 4-5 nights a week. She is getting better at taking nap. She is not crying as long when I put her down, (That's huge in and of it's self). Her bedtime routine: Jammies, Tub of baby fruit or veggies, 7 oz of formula, diaper change, and then into bed!

Stella's Favorites: Warm milk, not hot, not cold or she wont drink it. To be held, but you can't sit and hold her, you have to be standing. Loves her puffs, would eat them all day long if I let her. Stella loves to play with Molly. Loves the shower, she will sit in front of my bathroom shower and cry until I take off her close and put her in with the water on. I always sit right there by her, but she loves it. She has a fascination with the TV, that is the first place she goes and she will just sit and bang on the TV (Drives me Crazy). Bouncing. Being scared, not over the top but a good boo always gets her. Crying!

Our sweet Stella adds so much to out lives. She is so fun and always wants to be part of the party. It's so amazing to look into her wise eyes and wonder what she knows and who she will become. She is so sweet and although she cries 98% of the time, I love this little girl. I could not, nor would I want to think of our life with out the amazing little girl! I Love my baby so much and I'm so glad that she is part of our family!

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