Friday, April 24, 2009

Totally Wicked!

I know this is kind of an akward pose, but we were kind of in a hurry because the lady waiting to take pictures after us was getting really impatient and rude! People kill me!
Whit, Mommer, Me and Kat. Cameron and Sierra also came! Oh I want to go again!

Holy Moly! I finally was able to see  Wicked! I have been waiting for years. I have had the music and listen to it over and over. I have tried to talk people into going to LA with me to see it, or to New York to see it, or anywhere... Oh My Gosh! I was so excited. My mom got tickets for my little sisters for Christmas and she got enough for me! Kris also lucked out and got to go, and you know what... I think he really liked it! I was so worried that I would be disappointed because I had an idea in my head about what it would be like, and listening to the music all of the time I was worried that I wouldn't love the cast or their voices. Oh I was so not disappointed! I loved every bit of it, not one oz of my was disappointed and Kris didn't say one negative thing about it, which made it so much better for me. I loved it so much as I was walking out I was ready to try and get tickets another night. I woke up the next morning singing the songs and seeing the actresses and actors dancing around. Oh it's been over a week and a half and I'm still doing that! I loved it so much! Thanks so much mom! What an experience! I can't wait to go again (Let's just hope it's sooner rather than later)!


Steph H said...

I'm so glad you got to see it! I LOVE Wicked! How could anyone not like it-- with all those funny lines and AMAZING music?? I want to take Adam. So great!

The Wyler Family said...

i love wicked! i really want to see it again!

The 6 Bairds said...

It was soooo fun!
Let's see it again!
You forgot to tell everyone it was 3rd row center section tickets. Awesome! We could actually see their faces, I'm not use to that.
Love you

Katheryn said...

My little jacket is on very funny...we did have so much fun.

Kari said...

We've got tickets for July 18th here in Phoenix - it will be our second time and I absolutely can not wait!!! Steve's sister and her husband are flying down for her birthday to see it with us!