Friday, April 24, 2009

New Horizon Orcastra

We had the opportunity to go to the New Horizon orchestra concert. This is one amazing orchestra! It is for older people that have had played instruments in the past and are wanting to pick them up again, or for those that have never played an instrument ever for those 40 and over! My mom has always loved the sound of the cello and when she heard about this orchestra she decided that she wanted to be part of it. She has now been playing with them for 5 years. I admire her so much. I can only imagine how much courage you would need to have to go at 48 and join and orchestra and learn how to play an instrument that you have never played in your life. It always amazes me when my mom tells me about the people that play in the orchestra with. They are amazing people that have over come serous challenges in their lives and are still overcoming these challenges. Some of these people are in their late 70's. What true examples of courage and living life. I'm so glad that my mom has found something that she loves. This is what life is all about! She is amazing to me that even now that her kids are gone she has found something to keep her busy and some thing that she has always wanted to do. I believe that you have to find joy in every stage of life and to find joy you have to do something you love. What a great example she is to me and my family! Way to go Mom!


The Wyler Family said...

that's awesome! your mom is so cute!

The 6 Bairds said...

Why does your camera add 20 pounds? You need to fix that!
Love you