Sunday, September 4, 2011

Molly's First Primary Talk!

Molly gave her second talk in Primary last week and when she was done one of the counselors asked if I had a copy of the first talk she gave the 2nd week in April. (They are working on the Primary program and wanted the talks the kids have given though the year. Love that Idea by the way.) I told her I did have a copy feeling confident that I could find it quickly on the blog. When I went looking I couldn't find it and was so sad. I spent about 30 on my computer looking for it. It was so sweet and I couldn't have love the experience more. She was 100% invested in this talk. She wrote it with a little help and guidance from me, but really I just asked the questions and she did the rest! Molly amazes me. She is constantly asking questions about the gospel and about our Savior and Heavenly Father. I can tell she really does think about and ponder spiritual things. I think of the scripture that talks about to be spiritually minded is life eternal. "SMILE" scripture! She is spiritually mature beyond her years! This was the first talk she ever gave in primary:

One of my favorite song we have learned in primary is “I know that my savor loves me”

It says…

A long time ago in a beautiful place,

Children were gathered round Jesus.

He blessed and taught as they felt of his love

Each saw the tears on his face.

The Love that He felt for his little ones

I know he feels for me.

I did not touch him or sit on his knee,

Yet, Jesus is real to me.

When my mom asked me what I know about Jesus this is what I said:

*He lives in Heaven

*He cares about us

*He loves us.

*He wants us to be back in heaven again.

*We celebrate his birthday at Christmas time

*He taught by example.

*He was baptized.

*He preformed many miracles.

*He suffered and died for us,

*He was resurrected and lives again.

I know He did this for you and for me because he loves each of us…

Jesus is real to me.

Here is the 2nd talk she gave last week. She was so cute and did such a great job. Kris helped her with this one. What a great daddy he is to be so involved with his kids and help me out!

Temples are houses of our Heavenly Father. They are holy places where we make promises with our Heavenly Father. Throughout time, Heavenly Father has commanded His people to build temples. When the prophet Moses was leading his people in the wilderness they had a portable temple that looked like a tent. When heavenly father was in the temple there was a cloud over it. King Solomon in the bible built a temple. In the Book of Mormon we learn that Nephi built a temple when he reached the promised land. Joseph Smith was commanded to build temples. The Church is working to build temples all over the world to make temple blessings more available for more of Heavenly Father's children.

Temples are places learn. In the temple we learn the things we need to do to return to our heavenly father. Everything in the Church—the meetings and activities, the missionary work, the lessons taught and the hymns—all lead to the work done in holy temples. In the temple we learn about Jesus Christ. We learn about his role in Heavenly Father’s plan. We promise to follow him and obey his commandments.

In the temple worthy members can be sealed and married for time and all eternity. This means that if we live righteously we can live together as families with Heavenly Father after our time here on earth.

I am looking forward to going to the temple when I am older. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I am thankful for his gospel and that he has provided us with temples.

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