Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another New Begining!

Stella is so sweet. She's wild and fun and she loves life. I have been so nervous because when it comes to crazy Stella has no fear. When it comes to people other kids or anyone she kind of stays close to home and family and she isn't super social. For example Kris and I had taken the girls to McDonald's. Molly and Stella were playing and Stella came up to me and asked if we could go home. I asked why and here reply was "there's too many kids here!" I have really wondered how she would do. Molly on the other hand has asked if she could go home with total strangers in the grocery store since she could talk! I wondered if Stella would like school or if it would be a fight everyday she had school. She could not have been more excited about school! She has loved talking about it, thinking about it and she has only had one full day and she has been talking about her cute little friends Sophie and Ruby for the last week. Even when she said her prayers tonight she gave thanks for Sophie and Ruby! She is so cute. She runs right in and is happy as a lark. We are thrilled with her teachers. They were Molly and Stella's teachers as well. They are amazing! I'm so glad that she is loving school. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast! I love this little one! She is so cute and crazy and fun and adds so much to our family. She is the crazy that we need to keep us fun and going! We love you Stell Bell!

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