Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lake Powell Aug 2011

This trip to LP was way better than the last trip to LP. It was really windy and hard to get out on the boat! Here are just a few highlights of this trip. We did quite a bit of swimming. The water was so warm! It was Nora's first time and she did great! She loved the boat and being around her sisters!

Like I said Nora loved the boat! This is a shot of her when she and I were on the boat watching the girls and Kris on the beach. She wasn't really smiling at this point she was 8 weeks, but here is a shot of one of those sweet little smiles!

Here are the girls after swimming behind the houseboat! They are all wrapped up in the towels that they made (well colored) It was one of our crafts that we did. We did something each day to keep them busy while we couldn't get out off the house boat. We made shirts with fabric. They cut out shapes and then they ironed on! We also tried doing s'mores. Kris is the best! We (all us girls really wanted to do them, but the wind made it really hard to find a beach and keep the fire going!)

T-Rex's first visit to LP!

Here are the girls ready for bed the last night of our trip! We all love this place and always look forward to going back the next time!

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