Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning to Water Ski

Oh this was such fun to watch the girls “Water Ski” for the first time. Kris’s dad got this water ski trainer for little kids and when we went boating with Kris’s parents and Jody and her family. We got there a little after everyone else had been there and Becks had already been on the trainer. So it didn't take much to get her on there!
She wasn't sure that she wanted to do it alone so after Beckham had gone one more time with Cory holding on the back of the ski, Molly decided that she was up for the challenge… with the exception that Cory would hold on to the back. Cory was such a good sport. Molly loved it. Cory was so good to hold on until Molly told him he could let go. Oh she loved it and it was so cute! Stella was in the boat and kept asking to go so she was next. She loved it just as much! They were so cute! I hope they grow up to love water skiing as much as their dad! I love this video of Molly… she is totally talking to her invisible or pretend “Friends”.

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