Thursday, August 12, 2010

Laundry Room

Oh I can’t tell you how crazy I would go every time I would have to do laundry or Kris would do it!

It looked a little something like this…

My laundry room is small and there isn't much room, but some of the things that were driving me crazy were…
1- I hate the huge piles of dirty laundry all over the floor when I sort them. Then they sit there until the laundry is done, sometimes that is faster than other times. So you have to look at the piles, step over the piles and most often times resort the cloths after the kids dig through and play in them when you get 2 seconds to go to the bathroom (once a day).
2- Once the cloths got folded they would sit on the couch until they were put away. Mine usually ended up shoved in a corner of my bedroom or dresser. Because I have had to put away 3 peoples clothing. If they get put away before the kids again go though and drag them from one end of the house to the other, while you're helping someone else go to the bathroom.
3- My laundry room was so not working for me. I had a counter on top of a bunch of draws that I didn't really have use for, nothing was in there and the cupboards were dark and the room was just boring!

I was tiered of it not working for me! So I went to work! I love it! I know this is not the dream fore everyone else, but this is my dream laundry room for now!

I, yes I did the demo work. I pulled out all of the drawers and counter top, Kris did have to help me lift them outside. We painted the cupboards white and I wanted a bright happy fun color for the laundry room…Orange! I love it! It took two cans of paint to LOVE it, but I LOVE it! I got my baskets form Wal-Mart and the wheels as well. I glued them on with E6000. And vela! Rolling laundry baskets!

I got a board from Home depot and painted it white to add a folding table. Kris anchored it to the wall to make for a sturdy folding table. I Put my trash can in by my bins and then I recovered the shelves with fabric for extra flair and color. We had new shelves cut as well to add more shelves and the mirror added a pop that that room needed! So know that it’s all done how do I use it?

The clothes are all taken downstairs (often just though down to the bottom of the stairs by everyone, It works for me they end up where I need them and everyone thinks it's cool to though there cloths down the stairs) That's where I collect them and sort them into the proper bin. Then, when I have time I can just throw a load in and I don’t have to stair at the pile of dirty clothes. As soon as I pull the clothes out of the dryer I fold them and they go right up on the shelf (everyone has their own shelf) When we have time (this is often on the job charts for everyone to put away or help put away there cloths, depending on how much help they need) we come and get our clothes and then we each can put away our own clothes when we have time (some need more help, but they can wait until I can help them and the laundry is not sitting on the couch for them to unfold time and time again before it gets put away!
Oh this totally works for me and I love it! These small changes help me save time and effort! I really do love this new laundry room!

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