Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Japan Day 9!

Day 9 we went to a theme park with Ryoko and Megumie. It was so much fun! They had a great water park so we spent the first part of the day there going on slides, watching surfers, chilling in the wave pool and enjoying sun! We took a bus there! It was a long bus. Good thing we had some fun!

While we were in the wave pool one of the employees walked us out these awesome things to tie on our sunglasses so we didn't loose them. Only in Japan would they care enough to bring you something so you wouldn't loose your glasses. When we told him it was ok, we were fine without them, He made it clear it wasn't an option! So funny! Love it!
Japan is so conservative and really likes to keep things looking good, that includes others your looking at! Check this sign out that was posted all over the park! If you have tats cover them up! Totally different that the US.
Hitting the roller coasters and coming to the close of the day! It was really fun but we had been in the sun all day and were tiered and Poor Whit got such a bad migraine.

I was thinking that this was the ride home, but it was actually the ride there.... I know I started off tiered!
We all got a bit of sun! Poor Cyd was fried!
Poor Cyd's Feet
Whitney's legs and Cydne's legs! It just hurts to look at it, even now!

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