Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rosander 2010 Hawaii Trip.

We just returned form our Rosander (Adult) Family trip.
The first trip was a few months after Kris and I were married and every other year we return to Kauaii for our bi anual adult trip. It seems that we gain a new participant each year, and being as we are all married now this is the complete group.
I do love kauaii, it's so amazing there the water looks so blue and amazing, the sky seems so clear and vibrent, the sun (expecialy where there is snow on the ground at home) is amazing. We did all kind of fun things.
Queens bath. This is so cool. There is kind of swimming hole if you will in the rocks just off the shore where the ocane comes in and out, It was way more full the last time we were there and the tide was coming in and out so you would have to time your jumps just right. But it's a really cool swimming hole.

One of the new attractions this year was the rope swing that Amy and Benn found. So cool! It was this fresh water swimming hole and there was this guy there diving when we got there and he made it seem so effortless and so graceful. The swing was a hit. I was trying to be so careful and cross this river thing on top (holding my camera!) the reason for being so careful and I think that made it that much worse and I ended up going for an unexpedted river dip! Sweet. Add another graceful moment to the many I have and I think when I die I will win the $10,000 in the afterlife funniest life vidieos... Yep that's me!

My huney!
How cute is he? He was totally goofing off and playing with I was shooting around but how cute is he? Even if he is kidding around. Man I love him. I was so happy to be with him in this amazing place... I mean look at him? I love you hun!
We also went on an amazing catamaran excursion (probably my favorite!) So much fun! Loved it. I don't have any pics of that right now, I need to get them form my sister in law. I was thinking that this would be our ship, not so much it looked a lot like this one though. Oh it was so much fun!

We hit some of our favortie beaches, Secret beach, Barking sands, Ship wrecked (Kris and I skipped that day due to extensive sun the previeous day... two little lobsters).

K, I know how cute is my necklace right? My talented friend! On top of all of the activities we ate like kings and queens! I think we had hulla pie 3 times, and it was just as good the last time as it was the first time. My favorites seem to always be the same. I love Dukes (the atmosphere is just as great as the food.) I love the live band playing Jack Johnson, the overlooking the beach and feeling the ocean and feeling the breez and hearing the waves. My other top place to eat is Pooka Dog! OH my favorite. I love it! K so I'm probably one of the few that like hot dogs, Not all the time, but I had a Pooka Dog last time we were there and I had to have another one while we were there this time! So good!

What a week! Thanks to Kris and Becky for taking us all. HUGE thanks to my mom and dad and all of my sisters who pitched in and helped out with our kids. I know that you all have a lot going on and we put my kids in the middle of all you are trying to get wrapped up and off to Japan. Thanks. I promise I wont send my kids to you next mothers day!

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katheryn said...

So many blogs I have to catch up on. :) Love the pictures. Very good photographer!! Love you and we had fun with your kids. I can't wait to see them again!