Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Funny Girls

My girls were both in desperate need of new shoes for everyday and for sunday. I had been all over the city looking for something that would work and wouldn't cost me a pretty penny. I couldn't find anything that would work for what I needed and so our last stop was Nordstroms and my girls had both had it. Stella loves shoes and once we tryed on a pair that we could both come to terms with she wouldn't take them off, when the cute lady that was helping us told Stella that she would put them in her own bag. Stella found those terms agreeabe and was thrilled with the idea of walking by herself and not having to ride in the stroler and to carry her own bag... wow! she was in heaven. Molly was just as thrilled to have her shoes in her own bag. They were loving every minute of it.

You would think that this 3 year old was actually in her 20's. She is so funny in her speach and mannerisms. She loves to come across more grown up. Here she is waiting for her turn at swim lessons.
Here is a fun day with friends. A lunch much needed for the girls and me. I didn't get London and Molly but caugh this sweet shot of Stell and Cam. What cute kids. Thanks for an awesome and much needed day! And Yes I'm totally letting Stell run around McDonalds with no shoes and socks, I know totally sick! What do you do?

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katheryn said...

OH MY GOODNESS THE MOST ADORABLE PICTURES EVER! I love this post! Love your kids! Love you! hate shopping! :)