Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funny Sayings.

Molly: Hi Wie Wie! What are you doing?
Whitney: I'm at the store with Grandma. What are you doing?
Molly: I'm just at my mom home, because my castle isn't quite done yet.

I put on some music while we were making cupcakes and the Beatles Love song was playing.
Molly: Mom, this song is about loving the Lord!
Me: laughing, "Well, not really."
Molly: What is it about then?
Me: Still laughing
Molly: Is it about all you need is love?
Me: Still laughing, "Ya."


katheryn said...

she is so funny! Love that girl so much!!

Ellison Family said...

She is so cute!! We need to get together some time. Last time I saw you was such a long time ago. Little Stella wasn't even here yet.