Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our First Lake Powell Trip Of The Year.

Our first to Powell for the season got started off kind of on the wrong foot. I had spent the whole day cleaning and packing and we were planning on leaving as soon as Kris got done with work. It was his late day so he didn't get home till about 6. Kris got home and the car still needed to be packed and the girls needed diaper changes, Molly wanted chocolate milk and Stella needed a bottle and I was still grabbing a few last things. We had gotten on the road when I realized I had forgotten the pack and play. Nice! My family lives about 45 minutes away and we would be passing though, so I called to see if I could borrow my moms pack and play. They were so nice and met us by the free way so we didn't have to go to far out of our way. That was our only stop for the 7 hour drive. Molly did pretty well. She wouldn't stop talking the whole way and cried when she didn't get to watch the movie she wanted (which by the way changed every 15 minutes.) Stella was not a happy camper at all. She cried most of the way. We were about 2 1/2 hours away form Powell, when the girls finally went to sleep. by this time it was about 11:30pm. It was only a half hour later that we got pulled over. Kris had accelerated out of one of the little towns a little too soon and the cops got us. They were really nice and didn't give a ticket. They said they just wanted to make sure there was no drinking involved. So after our short delay we were off again. We stopped at the storage unite to pick up the boat and both girls usually wake up at this point. But we were thinking we should just get it that night and not have to worry about picking up the boat the next day. So we unloaded everything into the small boat and then headed to the lake. We launched the boat and Kris usually waits for me to park the car and trailer, but there was nowhere to park it on the ramp so I had to go kind of far to park. He had the girls and all of the stuff, but did wait for a little bit. I had been walking in the dark because the flashlight wasn't working. Kris couldn't see me because the flashlight wasn't working and so I saw him leave. I had the keys to the house boat so he couldn't get in with out me. So I headed down the dock. So at this point it's now 2am and I get to the boat, Kris has realized i'm not there and has gone back to get me. So when I realized that he had gone back I thought I would go in and get the ac on and the lights turned on and everything like that. So I try the key and it toally dosen't work! We have never had a problem with this key before, we never have even had to giggle the key, now the lock will not turn at all. I tried the back door same thing! Oh I was getting really bugged and being as it was 2am was not helping my dramatic impulse! I could see Kris coming back now. When I explained that the key wasn't working I think he was bugged as well. Both girls were awake, but both behaving for the moment. Kris tried both doors and again, both locked! So here I am 2am on a boat with my kids assessing the situation and how we were going to sleep on top and position everyone and be safe. Finally Kris found his way in though an open window. (We found out the next day that the locks had been changed, Thanks for the memo!) So we finally get everything in the house boat and the girls in the p.j.'s and ready for bed. I asked Kris where he had put the formula so I could make Stella a bottle. His reply was... "Did you want me to pack it? I just thought you wanted me to make a bottle for Stella." I hadn't communicated that it needed to be packed. Dang It! 2:30 screaming baby and we are all tired and ready for bed. Luckily I had packed an extra formula dispenser (you know the ones you can put formula in with 3 different compartments. We had enough for one bottle that night and one first think in the morning before we could get more at the store. We really lucked out. Well we had also forgotten life jackets for the girls so we had to buy some and they were the really old fashion ones that are that thick foam. Stella hated her jacket the whole time. She cried every time we put it on her and the whole time she wore it. Well after realizing we had forgotten some other major things I decided we were making a packing list, So we did and kept it out so we could add what we needed. Stella was still not ready to go to bed and she just cried. So I stayed up with her till about 3:30. But that was the craziest part of the trip. The rest was just smoeoth and uneventful. We had a blast. The weather was so nice in the high 90's everyday. The girls did great. They both slept amazing after that first night, awesome naps and everything! What a fun trip, really! You know what is a trip without a little craziness, right? That's what makes the memories! Well now that we have worked out all the kinks we are hoping the next trip down is just smooth sailing! It really was fun. We spent a lot of time on the beaches letting Molly play in the sand. The boating was awesome and like I said... the water couldn't have been better! I love Lake Powell. It takes a lot to get ready, but it's so worth it. I love just being with the family and not having anything to worry about, no where to go and time really doesn't seem to exist there, other than it goes by way to fast! I look forward to every Lake Powell trip even if there is a little excitement!

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