Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cydne's Home!

Oh hooray! My Little sister Cydne just got home form her mission. She had extended 4 weeks and put us all into a depression waiting for her to get home, but when are you ever going to get that experience in your life again? So I totally understood, as did everyone else. I had been tracking her flight all day long and had made her sign and we were about to leave fore the airport, her flight was expected to be in at 8:30. I had made sure that my girls had had 2 naps each so they were up for the late night. We were packing the car when my other little sister called and said that her flight was delayed.  I told her I new that that was not right, I had watched her fight update and new that the fight was in the air, she went on to say that she had missed it due to security going though her bags. Her flight had been delayed till about 10:00. So we waited a bit longer and then headed out! Oh she looked so good! She is skinny, I don't know if that is just her or if that had something to do with her parasite. We have missed her so much. As we watched her come down the stairs my little niece Josie ran up to her and gave her a big hug, Molly followed suit. Molly has been so cute. I have had a picture of Cyd on our magnet board in the kitchen so that Molly remembers her and the transition isn't a shock. She has done so well. I think that it's due to the picture, the prays for her every night and how Molly just loves people and Cyd is really easy to love! Molly is so cute. If you ask her where Cyd has been she would say "on a mission". Then you ask where and she says "in Taiwan". Stella has also done really well. We have loved having her home. It was a late night, and had been a long day for Cyd so we all went home and then went down Sunday to go to church with my family! We have missed Cyd so much, but are so proud of her and her decision to serve a faithful mission. We are thrilled to have her home! We look forward to all of the experiences she has to share! Welcome Home Sister Baird!

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