Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enough Already! Really!

So while we were in Lake Powell Stella was just as noisy as usual, but when she was crying I noticed white spots in her mouth.... Not again! I knew right away that it was thrush! That's right. She has already had this 5 times and she is only 10 months old. I called the Dr. when we were about 10 minutes from our house. I told them that I was 95% sure that she had thrush again, could we just get a prescription called in or did I have to come in and have the Dr. look at her. They took a message for the nurse and didn't get back to me. So the next morning I called again and told them the same thin. They told me to bring her in and when the Dr. looked in her mouth my suspicions were confirmed. I told you I'm getting really good at diagnosing this stuff. Well we now have her on a 2 week series of meds and we are hoping that helps. She seems happier already. The reason I'm so bugged it that she has probably had this for a couple of weeks. That is why she has been so grumpy! Man I really feel like the mother of the year! I'm just glad that she is feeling better.

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