Friday, August 17, 2012

Nicole's Classes

OK people.... I have been meaning to post this for a long time! Today I just happen to have a few min without kids. Kris has taken them swimming. Hooray for an awesome husband! The reason I have been putting this post off was because I wanted to show you a few projects that need finishing and I wanted to wait until they were out. I know I haven't posted about the girls birthday party but I have to show you the invitation I made.... 
This is the invitation for the girls party we did for our families. It was an accordion fold and honestly I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out!

This was the front
This was on the back.

I also put together some posters for an ice cream social we have coming up...

So in no way am I an expert and I have a lot of practicing to do and more skills to develop but I'm loving the art of design! So here is where this all comes together. I have taken a few classed from the best teachers ever over at Nicole's Classes. So I have taken illustrator classes from Alma, (that is what I have used to put all of these together) love her totally want to be friends! The whole team at Nicole's classes are awesome! The best part is that it's on line you can take the classes as you want and need. The instructors are always so good to get back to you. AWESOME! Alma's husband Mike also has awesome photo shop classes. I have taken one form him and can't wait to take his Photo Workflow and Alma's pretty paper products. and my list could go on and on with the classes I want to take from Nicole's classes, but these are the 2 I will be starting with!
One of my final projects I did for my illustrator class was an Italian soda poster. I started a new tradition at Christmas time and loved this as a party time drink so I though it would mesh perfectly with my last assignment and I had an Easter party coming up. It turned out ok but Alma made some suggestion and did some tweaking and it turned out AMAZING!!!!! You can check it out here as well as download a free copy for yourself...
Like I said... LOVE THEM and can't wait to take more of their classes!

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