Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Foto Dump!

So I was blog surfing the other day and one thing led to another and I ended up on this random lady's blog and saw the cutest thing... She did what she called a "Friday Foto Dump" She would dump all the photos from the past week from off her phone to her blog. I have been so bad lately about blogging and hate that because this is what I use for all our family history and all of our scrapbooks... This is it! I need to be more on the ball. So with school starting and life getting into a more structured state I thought I would try this out, so here is my 

 Molly made the whole family breakfast last Friday morning! It was so cute! Eggo's for everyone and she even set out a DC for me. She also pulled out a Mt. Dew for Kris, but said "Oh dad likes to drink his out of a cup, I'll get him cup!" She is really growing up and can be so thoughtful. She is such a great help to me and she is only 6! Love her so much!

 My wonderful neighbor showed up with a gift for my girls! I was feeding Nora and the darling clip that they used on the bow was perfect to keep her crazy hair out of her face! She was playing peek a boo with me! She is really understanding so much and is so much fun to play with! She will tickle herself and say.. "tickle tickle tickle" her little tongue sticks is so cute when she says it! Those are truly moments I never want to forget!

 Bath time! Nora's favorite time

 Molly has this long maxi skirt I got her on sale! They didn't have one in Stella's size and I just figured that Stella would get it a few years. Well she comes out in that skirt every morning and then there is a big squabble about this dumb skirt. Finally one day I told Stella I could make her one. I had stuff and I would make her a long skirt. The deal was made that I would get in and do it as soon as the house was clean. That was proving to be a difficult thing for us at the time. Well I feel like this little girl has so much energy and personality that she finds herself in trouble A LOT! I know she has needed some love and I felt this was just the thing. Long story short I put a whole in the skirt so she had to wait a whole week more. So I finished it at like 11:30 pm on sat night and put this little outfit on her bed in her room with a little note. She couldn't have been more excited! She woke me up at about 6:15 sunday morning asking if I could help her get her pajama tops off so she could get dressed. She was one happy girl. I know things don't show love or bring happiness, but I know she felt loved and I feel more love for her making that just for her!

I have loved this Olympics! There are so many inspiring stories (as always) but I feel like these men and women make a little stay at home moms in SLC feel like I can do anything and I can inspire my kids to do anything. 

 Last of all... We have been planning on come to lake Powell for months. But at the last min I found out that the person before us weren't going so I decided to pack up and head out with the girls. Kris will meet up with us latter when he is able to get away form work. The girls did so great on the 7 hour drive! They really were troopers!  Love these little girls!

Now to get all of that stuff down to the boat with 3 little girls????? It was no small task I'm telling you! It took us 3 trips! 110 degrees! We were all really hot, dehydrated and tired! But we did it!

Bath time! Perfect way to end a really hot day!

Wow! This kid wasn't going to sleep! I'll tell you what. There are some days I don't think I will ever survive, but she is truly the life of any party and I would not trade her in for anything! 

Nap time for Nora! Movie time for the girls. book, sun and r&r for me! Love this place!

Poor kid was to tired she feel asleep in the Walmart cart! Now she won't sleep tonight.

Girls are all in bed, I watched a movie, finished my book, picked up and did the dishes! If only I were this productive at home! Lake Powell magic! 

 Oh this beauty! Last night after Nora woke us all up at 4:30 I put Stella in bed with me for fear of wandering! She kicked me the rest of the night. My poor kidneys and ovaries! 

My little fishes enjoying the refreshing water on a really hot day!

Nora's nap time! Girls movie time! Sun time, r&r, and another great book for me!

A lunch time story! Once there was a lady that tied her baby to a chair for all of the meals because when she got to the houseboat there were several mouse traps out and nothing in them (I think she would have been more freaked out if there was something in them). Any way she was to chicken to climb in the crawl space (where the light had burned out and there was not a flashlight in sight, other wise she would have gone down) to pull out the high chair... So she just tied the baby to the chair! The baby didn't mind! 
Nora was pulling the funnest faces! She had us all laughing so hard! Such a funny little girl. She has quite the sense of humor!

A quiet night on the lake. So clam and peaceful. The dark clouds. Molly and Stella are in bed and time for me to hang out with my little Nora for a bit!  Amazing! I really do love it here. The girls have been so good! It's been one great trip!

And there is my first "Friday Foto Dump"!


The Wyler Family said...

what a GREAT idea! i'll have to remember this. great photos. i love lake powell!

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

That is awesome... I love your friday foto dump... I just might have to copy you! :) Love it. And how do you have room for photos on your blog? Mine filled up. had to go through and delete. Tell me your ways.