Monday, September 17, 2012


Sweet Molly came home with this paper she had written today in school. 
The night before school started we were saying family prayers and Molly started to cry and wipe the tears from her eyes. I have to be honest this is when I got a little teary. After the prayer I asked what was wrong. She said...
"I don't know why my eyes keep watering. I'm just a little nervous." 
Oh my heart. I was nervous for her would she be ok ALL day long? Would she get tired and ornery? Would she figure out lunch? Would she b eable to find me after school in the sea of kids? Would she have friends in her class? 
So when she brought this home I thought of that day. All thoughts come fluding back.

"I have been in 1st grade for two weeks. I was nervous the night I was nervous and the next day I was excited! I love lunch and I would miss my mom." 

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