Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Girl!

My sweet baby Nora turned one! Stella had gotten up at 2:30 and woke up Nora and we had a hard time getting her back down for the night. Kris rocked her and then I got up with her at 3am and spent the next hour rocking her. I couldn't help but think as I looked at this sweet baby that one year ago at this exact time I was holding my little miracle. I can't ever forget that moment. 2:26 am 6/16 We got to hold our Nora in our arms. As much as I hate getting up at night and hadn't gotten to bed before 1:30 I couldn't help but be grateful for that opportunity. What a blessing to hold, rock and cuddle with my baby on her birthday. It kind of reminded me of that book... "I'll Love You Forever." Way cheese I know! Due to the late night she slept in until 10. She still looked a little sleepy when we woke her up for her party. She wasn't sure how she felt about her birthday crown! Happy birthday Nora! 
We love you!

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Brooke said...

Happy birthday sweet baby Nora! What a little miracle you are! Love love love the birthday pics! Xo