Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day!

Can I just say.... I LOVE holidays!
As a mom it's one of the funnest things for me! I love taking any opportunity to have a party. How fun is it to throw a party and show those around you how much you love them! The girls were so cute! I have told them over and over that if they help with the tasks that are not all that fun, then they can totally help with the really fun tasks! They jumped right in and got the house all cleaned up and were thrilled to help with the set up and the treats and all of the fun stuff! Here was our set up...

The Girls were so dang cute! They were SO excited! Molly just kept standing at the table and would just stare. She kept hugging my leg and telling "You're the best mommy ever!" Let's not forget that it was her just the other day telling me "You are making me have a horrible day" "You are making me really mad right now." Let's just say I was so happy to hear I wasn't the worst mom ever. I hear and feel that almost daily!
Stella kept saying "It's so beautiful. I think I'm going to cry!" Yes we are a little dramatic here in our house! They get it form their dad! LOL!

At the end of dinner I had a gift for each of the girls. I wrapped them in paper bags with doilies and pink twin. Maybe it was just the sugar, but Man the girls just thought this was the best night ever! Nora was more interested in eating the bag and cried when I finally took it away when the bag started to fall apart.

The girls got a swim suit, a little summer dress and Molly and Stella both got sunglasses. They honestly couldn't have been more excited! They ran right in and put their swim suits on and the dress over. They flaunted around singing some silly "I'm Stylish, oh yeah, I'm stylish, you know it, oh yeah..." They were so funny! Really they were thrilled. I love seeing my family so happy and having so much fun together. Honestly I won't say that life after the party has been perfect, but they have been such good girls "exceptionally good" for them, since the party. I think they just needed to see the fun side of mom again, know that they are important, and have some fun together.


Katheryn Wiederhold said...

Cutest kids ever! I love those dresses love the glasses. You ARE such a fun mom. Even when there isn't a party. :) You are just a fun person. I love being around your free fun spirit. And I really want those cute sunglasses.... :) I want to come to your parties.

Sierra Baird said...

What a beautiful valentines day! You're amazing!

Brooke said...

Of coarse you threw a valentines party.... You blow me away with your creativity! Totally beautiful, Stella was right! Love you guys!

The Wyler Family said...

seriously... you are amazing! lucky little girls!