Sunday, February 12, 2012

Molly's Jan Home Talk.

As part of Molly's homework, her teacher sends home what she calls "Home talks" each month. It is a sheet that just states what they are talking about in school and encourages you to talk to your child about that topic over the next month and then your child can draw a picture, write a story take a picture or anything to share with the class what they have discussed in their home about that subject. Jan was "Everyday Hero's".
Molly and I sat at the table and talked about hero's and what that meant and then about "True Everyday Hero's" being those that she looked up to. Those that taught her great things. I asked who her "Everyday Hero's" were and she came up with 2. Daddy, and Grandma. I asked her why she thought that they were her hero's and what she came up with was all of the amazing stuff her dad does for her. Everyday he works so hard to take care of and love her. She thought Grandma was a hero because she went to Japan and loves the people there, even though she can't always understand what they are saying. She tries new things everyday, even thought they might be scary for her. Here was the picture that she drew to share with her class.

It says...
"I think my dad is my hero because he does stuff for me." Dad
"I think my grandma is my hero because she gets to go to Japan."
How sweet is that?

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Katheryn Wiederhold said...

What a cutie. That is so sweet!