Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Kris! Best Husband EVER!
Totally "That" lady at the grocery store today! Holding the crying baby, one running wild and the other crying cause I smacked her in the head with the mustered (not on purpose) my basket too full to put any kids in it! All the ladies in line behind me trying to keep my kids happy and out of everything! Nice! Love those days!
Kris wanted a yellow cake with chocolate frosting!
Happy 39!
Out of all the ideas I gave him for his birthday he wanted to say home and have poppy seed chicken for dinner, fruit and then cake and ice cream.
The girls were most excited about the poppers and then the balloon release!
Sure love this guy and everything he is!

I do have other pics to upload from his birthday, These are just the insagram photos.

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