Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sophie Rose Barton

What a week that it has been. Last Monday while hiking at girls camp Sophie started to not feel well. She was taken to the hospital thinking that it was minor heat stroke or dehydration. After arriving at the hospital things took a very different turn when she coded and didn't make it. The news traveled fast though our ward and community and the girls at girls camp were bussed home. It has been a very emotional week for all of us. What a sweet and amazing girls she IS. One of the things that stood out most to me that was said at her funeral was that she hadn't left anything unsaid or undone. I have so many memories floating around my head over and over. The most recent one was last sunday sitting in the YW lesson talking about fasting. She made a comment about fasting on the 4th of July, then later on in sacrament meeting she sat with her little brother right across from us. Making cute faces at our girls and being so cute with her brother, putting her arm around him and looking down at what I assumed was a game or note, you could just feel her love for him. Another is when I had the Laurels over at my house teaching them how to decorate cupcakes she dumped a cupcake upside down on my kitchen floor and the look on her face was priceless. She was so worried and concerned... There are many more time that I keep thinking about. This has really hit home for me. I loved when our bishop talked and said "we know Sophie is in a better place, it's us that are left behind that struggle with it." I'm so sorry to her family. This is a horrible thing and we will miss her so much. I still have a hard time understanding this, but remind myself that we are not suposed to understand all things right now, why would we need faith. How grateful I am for that gentle reminder that life is short, and that this is not where life ends, but that it's a time to prepare for more. At a fireside given the night after the girls came home from camp the Stake Prs. stood and reminded us that this life is a time to prepare to me God. I'm grateful for that reminder and to feel of that sweet spirt of the comforter. Pray for the Barton family. I'm so sorry to them. My heart breaks for them. I will miss Sophie. I'm glad that I knew her. The song played at the fireside with a slide show was from Wicked. Changed for good. I have been changed for good because I knew Sophie.
This is Sophie and her sister Tessa.
the storm

Sophie and Tessa Barton | MySpace Music Videos


The Wyler Family said...

wow! my heart goes out to her family and everyone else who is missing her. what a tragic thing. life is precious. thanks for sharing this. i will pray for her family and for you. i love you linds!

Steph H said...

We heard about this and were heartbroken for the Bartons and the ward. How tough. I kept thinking of you and wondering if you were up there with her. The 25th ward is such an amazing ward. You've all been in my prayers.

Peace, Love, Happiness!!! said...

OMG!!!! that is soooo sad!!! she will be dearly missed!! :(