Friday, June 11, 2010

Kind Of Bummed.

Today is Kris and my anniversary. Last night I got up twice, which was better than the night before. Molly needed a drink and then she woke up throwing up again. I strpiped the sheets blankets and towels that were on her bed to protect it, It just went right though everything. Then I got up this moring to Stella crying, I went in and her bed was soaking, not from throw up but she had taken off her pajama bottoms and diaper and so I stripped the sheets, blankets, matress cover and started more laundry. We were supposed to go to my parents to celebrate my little sisters birthday, I don't think we will be going. I get to miss yet another Baird party. Molly is feeling better, but I know no one wants to be exposed to whatever it is that Molly has. So I will stay home tonight Happy Brithday Kat, and Happy Aniversary and do laundry, clean my house! I know it's not the end of the world, but still... bummed.


Camille said...

so sorry about that. life with kids. ahhh....well here's to hoping for a better one next year :) I am loving all of your posts. so fun to catch up on you guys. oh, and the Nordstroms post has got to be a fav. your girls look like regular shoppers at nordys!! so stylish and cute. love it!

katheryn said...

Oh my goodness you are fine on missing my bday party. Not much happened. got some presents and ate pizza. You are nice to think of me though. Even your phone call was wonderful!