Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dad's Setting Apart

Early this morning Kris and i were off to down town SLC where my dad and mom were set apart as mission presidents. We came early #1 so that we wouldn't be late, I mean really who would want to walk in late to Pres. Packers office, but #2 with hopes that we would maybe run into other amazing men and women. I guess I should start at the beginning.
My dad got a call last tues from Pres Packers secretary telling my dad that Pres. Packer has assigned himself to set you apart. I don't now the exact wording she used, but something to that effect.
We were to come early and park in the underground parking under the temple, where all of the general authorities and church officers park. We had to stop and get our special parking pass.

We came early and all were waiting in the lobby again with hopes of bumping shoulders with amazing men and women. The security gaurd found us quite entertaining. A car would pull up and someone would whisper "who is that?" one time he was like "oh you will want to get this guys autograph." so we were all really looking and paying attention and when he walk in no one really knew who he was, but then the security guard said something to him and then introduced us, totally another security gaurd. So funny. They kept bringing all of this lugage down. So when another security guy showed up with more luggage I asked where they were going. He told us that there were several that were fiying out today to go to the temple dedication. He was so nice and was hilarious!
The phone rang and we were told to go up to Pres. Packers office. We headed up and my dad was the first one in the office. He was greeted with a japanese greeting and told to come in. His blessing was amazing and some of the things that really stood out to me were...
*his language would return and that he would speak with ease and persuasion in the language.
*his business, family and other material things would be watched over and blessed.
*he was blessed FROM failure.

My mom was set apart by Elder Pearson and her blessing was just as amazing.
*Blessed with Peace.
*She would know the hearts and have a love for the people, and the culture.
*the gift of discernment with the missionaries to know what they need and when.
*That this would be a setpping stone for her spirituality
*That she would have the gift of discernment for her children and offer them words of comfort and encouragement even while she is far away.
*That she would be blessed physically and be protected while she was away.
*that her children and children's children would be looked after and blessed while she was away.
*that her material things would be looked after while she was away.

It was amazing to hear the blessings and promises made to both my mom and dad for there sevice. We headed down and while we were on our way out we saw a few members of the 70 and Sister Beck and Sister Dallton, and all of which stopped and talked to us or shook our hands. We ended up back in the labby talking over where we should go for brunch and then a car pulled up and when the man got out of the back he waved and then headed into the office another way... totally Pres Monson! For real! We finished our day eating lunch at the garden restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith momrial bulding. It was so nice to be there and to feel of the amazing blessings and promises. We really are thrilled for both my mom and dad, even though every time I talk about it I cry. I can't imagine not having them here for 3 years! I will miss them so much.

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katheryn said...

I wanted to blog about this but i din't know how to do it. You did a very good job!!