Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Salon Molly!

It's now been exactly 2 weeks and I think I have calmed down enough to actually blog about this and kind of have a sense of humor.... f.y.i. maybe don't push it though I'm still very sensitive about it. Two weeks ago today I was hard at work trying to make a great St. Patricks day dinner. Kris was running on the tread mill and we had taken the girls down and gated them into their playroom.

When Kris was done with his run he came up with the girls and I still had some work to do on dinner. When I looked at Stella her hair looked funny, but I chalked it up to her laying on her hair and I don't know totally oblivious mom! When she waked by me the first time I saw hair on her shoulder thinking that it was just hair from Molly's hair cut earlier that day! (Again oblivious mom) so she walked by me again and I saw more hair on her shoulder... when I started to pull it off her shoulder and thinking "Where is the hair coming from." that's when it hit me! I spun her around and this is what I found!

I honestly don't know how Molly got the scissors but she did and must have had them stashed in her playroom because there was no way that she could have gotten out of her playroom! Oh I wish I could tell you that I was just laughing about it and gently corrected Molly and had the kids will be kids this was bound to happen attitude... But that was NOT the case at all. There was a lot of yelling and some tears, a "Kris you really need to take the girls outside, just take them out now." It ultimately ended with a really quiet mom during dinner and a text to a friend that cuts hair! Thank you Sara!
Molly had taken several chunks form the back right to the head! When I went to Sara's house the next day to have her see what she could do to make it better I asked her if it was as bad as I thought it was. Kris kept telling me it wasn't as bad as I though It was. So when I asked Sara she confirmed to me what I had been thinking... It was pretty bad. She did tell me a story of a friend who also cuts hair and her daughter got the clippers and took a huge strip of hair starting in the front and back her head. Oh boy! Really! It's not that bad! Luckily the front looks fine (good thing because we have family pictures coming up soon)
So here is our first hair disaster and we have survived. I have calmed down quite a bit and don't want to cry every time I do Stella's hair. I also was reminded of the quite by my sister Kat from Sister Hinckley the one that said "I have to either cry or laugh, I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache. If this is the worst of the worst than I will take this for sure!

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Camille said...

oh my gosh. i am so sorry. that quote is my motto on my blog! i love it. glad you blogged about it!