Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patricks Day!

My mom was always so fun about holidays growing up and we always had such fun things going on. When I started to prepare for St. Patrick's Day and Kris was getting a kick out of my enthusiasm I took a step back to think about where it came from. We always had so much fun and looked forward to each holiday big or small and I know that that come from my mom. There are some things that stand out more than others but the memories of the excitement I felt with each holiday I think really stems from that. So Here was our St. Patties Day!

We woke up to see that Lil' the Leprechaun had come to pay the girls a visit! She had left green foot prints all over our kitchen. It seemed that they came in from the back door and came around the counter and then jumped on top of the counter and there she had left a note that read... (keep in mind she must have been really tired she had a hard time coming up with rhymes, I hope she gets it more together next year.)

Dear, Molly & Stella,

My name is Lil' the leprechaun. I'm from Ireland and you are two lucky girls. You have been so good this year, so I decided to pay you a visit and leave you a "Pot O' Gold" with a few other treasures!
I have left you secret clues to find the "Pot O' Gold". Find each green item to lead you to your next clue and you will soon find your "Pot O' Gold".
Be good and I may come to visit you next year as well. May the Luck of the Irish be with you!
Love, Lil' the Leprechaun

She left pictures as clues to lead them to the next clue and then to the Pot O' Gold. The foot prints went across the counter and then seemed that she jumped down on the stool and then the floor and out the back door again. Silly Lil'

I know know that you can see them really well in the picture but they come in the back door and lead back out the back door. This was Stella's favorite part of the day... Well almost!

Here were the clues that were left from Lil' (this was Molly's favorite part of the whole day. In fact when she found the Pot O' Gold she asked "where's the next clue, I don't see it!")

Here are the girls finding the Pot O' Gold... Molly didn't think that the treasure was in the oven and was ready to close it!

Lil' left Gold... (Twix, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups), Green necklaces and Green swim suits (they had swim lessons that morning so it was perfect) and then little cans of Sprite!

This was Stella's favorite part.... Chocolate!
After our treasure hunt we had lucky charms or apple jacks for breakfast with green milk and green hot chocolate!

Then we were off to swimming where Molly took her lesson and Stella's. Stella has been sick and I didn't want to send her when she wasn't felling well. The girls were excited about putting on their green dresses that Grandma had gotten for them, they were so cute!

We stopped and got some Green cupcakes for after lunch and went to get Molly's hair cut...Thanks Sara, it's so cute! (there is another story in here that we will come back to later.)
We came home and had lunch. Green turkey sandwich, with green grapes and green can of sprite and the green cupcakes to finish it off!

That afternoon while Stella was sleeping Molly and I painted our nails and played photographer... Molly behind the camera! Thanks Grandma for the fingernail polish! Stella got hers done when she got up!
Molly was so much fun when we were painting nails. She was just happy and couldn't stop laughing, not the annoying trying to be silly laugh, but the deep down in your belly laugh that I could not get enough of. She is so much fun!

One of many photos from our photo shoot, not the best but Molly was giving me the poses and telling me what to do... I know, still not the greatest but I posted it anyway because Molly did a great job!

Then we went for a walk outside... Oh the weather was amazing! We ran into a bunch of neighbors and friends and just enjoyed talking and the sun. Then it was time to get home and work on dinner.
For dinner we did mini hamburgers (sliders) on green buns, green apples, kiwi, green jello with whip cream and green sprinkles, green salad with avicados and cucumbers, and finished off with a green shamrock cookie!

By the time we were done with dinner we were ready for baths and bed. And that's just want we did. So the hair cutting story that I told you I would tell you more about... That will have to be another post! Keep an eye out for it!


katheryn baird said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun st. pattys day!! I love you and I am so jealous of the fun st. pattys day you had. I love you!

Steph H said...

Holy fun day, Linds!! Are you the Mom of the Year?? Seriously, I would vote for you! Way to make St. Patty's so fun for your girls!! Gosh, I have so much to learn from you.

Camille said...

i have loved all of your posts!! so cute and you are so over the top fun I'm glad my kids won't see this! you are so freakin' awesome. your girls are so cute and so lucky to have such a great mom!
**I love the picture of your studying materials, the diet coke is defnintely important for that task :)**

Erin said...

You are such a fun mom!!! I love all of the fun things you did to make the day so special for your kids. I need to do a better job at making the holidays special for my little family. You've inspired me! :)

The Richards Family said...

You are so cute and way creative. Poor Stella for getting stuck in the drawer and cute Molly for being so caring and concerned for her. I would have been sweating bullets trying to figure how to get her out of there. I just love your kids. So cute....oh and you too (:

Brooke said...

Seriously? Cutest mom ever! Your girls are so dang lucky. Love all the pics. xoxo

The Wyler Family said...

seriously, i wish we lived closer. i am going to steal all your amazing ideas.

p8o0imcasdfffffffffffffffffffghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtrrrrrrrrrewwwasdddddfffffffffffffffgq ... this is a little note from ethan. :)

Deb said...

You are so creative and really put me to shame! What a wonderful and fun mom you are. Your blog is so fun, you are amazing!